From Blackest Darkness Aeturnus-From Blackest Darkness (Cranical Captivity)

1. "Deathmarch" [instrumental] (:59)
2. "Carnage" (3:33)
3. "Knee Deep In The Dead" (4:06)
4. "Dissention" (7:13)
5. "From Blackest Darkness" (8:47)
6. "Insult to Injury" (5:42)
7. "Psychomantium" (6:16)
8. "Death from Above" (4:14)
9. "Ugly" (4:10)

Early death metal that comes off sounding more like thrash when compared to bands like Six Feet Under or Crimson Thorn. Probably the biggest draw for me was that they were a Christian band. At one time I collected everything that was Christian and heavy. Listening to this now, however, the vocals suck and the lead work is atrocious. The music overall is tight and technical, but the crappy vocals sort of ruin it for me. This band only released this one album (plus a demo) before falling apart and splintering into several other bands. Terrible cover art as well.

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