Applehead is a solo side project of the Crucified guitarist Greg Minier, who also released a disc under the name Minier.

Meaning Applehead - Meaning (Ocean) 1992

1. "Revolutionary" (5:20)
2. "Six Feet Under" (3:02)
3. "Thoughts" (4:13)
4. "Eyes of the Foolish Man" (2:31)
5. "Sot" (2:35)
6. "Intermittent You" (4:25)
7. "Radical Departure" (3:54)
8. "Monkey On My Back" (3:97)
9. "Crutch" (5:16)
10. "Meaning" (4:28)
11. "Revelation" (2:34)

Greg Minier
Greg Minier, Nov. 09

Applehead is the second solo disc from The Crucified guitarist Greg Minier. However, while his first solo disc stayed within the confines of thrash metal, with Applehead Greg explores new musical terrains. The music falls somewhere between doomy hard rock and *gasp* grunge. (Although it pre-dates most of the trendy Nirvana wannabes.) What immediately struck me on first hearing this back in 1992 sis that every song has a killer hook that drags you in and kept my attention. As much as I might have wanted to not like this disc, due to my general dislike for all things grunge, I found myself enjoying this one over and over again. Applehead's one and only release is simply awesome.

Much like everything else released on Ocean Records, this CD is almost impossible to find. I had the crappy cassette of this forever and waited too long to replace it with a CD. Unfortunately it became a hot, out-of-print disc selling for much more than I wanted to pay. I happened to get lucky when I walked into a used CD  store and found this in the bargain bin for $1.99. Sometimes spending hours digging through bargain bins pays off, especially when the record store has no idea what they have. This one easily could have fetched $20 or more on Ebay.

On Nov. 7, 2009 I had the opportunity to share a stage with Greg Minier and Deliverance guitarist Mike Phillips when together we performed a couple of AC/DC songs (which I butchered horribly). Actually, when I say "stage" we were actually at a backyard party at Mike’s home in Calfornia for a party for his CD release party. Greg performed a few of his Applehead songs and later in the evening we performed "Walk All Over You" and "Back in Black". It was quite fun, though very much unrehearsed and probably sounded like a train wreck to the 100 or so people at the backyard BBQ. While there I had Greg sign my copy of "Meaning".

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