Human Hell Beast - Infernal Hangover (Wrecked in Space) (Slaney) 2013

1.   Hangover Side [intro] (:15)
2.   The Astrobastard (from Outer Space) (3:05)
3.   Hollywood Disaster (4:37)
4.   Nukes for Food (2:42) 

5.   Black Death (4:57)
6.   Wrecked Side [intro] (:47)
7.   Nuclear Devastation (3:19)
8.   Atomic Nightmare (6:58)
9.   Infernal Hangover (4:25)
10. Thrill Killer (5:19)

Beast are a thrash metal band from Spain and "Infernal Hangover" is their debut on Ireland's Slaney Records. As with many newer thrash bands, hints of their influences can be clearly heard including Slayer and Exodus. A track like the up-beat "Nukes for Food" definitely shows the band wearing some Slayer influence on their sleeves. However, unlike a lot of the retro-thrashers, Beast aren't concerned with trying to break the speed of sound. Rather the band is concerned with writing heavy riffs, meaty songs and actual hooks. That's not to say that this album is slow and laboring. In fact, there are some speedy thrashers on on here such as the aforementioned "Nukes for Food" and album opener "The Astrobastard". Other songs such as the highly memorable "Black Death" take a more mid-paced approach, but are every bit as heavy as the faster songs. Perhaps the standout track on "Infernal Hangover" is the nearly eight minute long "Atomic Nightmare". This song gives guitarist D.C. Disaster a chance to flex his musical muscle, especially during the moody bridge in the later parts of the song. Vocalist Matt "the nuke" Gomes sings and shouts with a gruff vocal style that adds to the aggression.

Despite the track listing, there are only eight actual songs on this album with "Hangover Side" and "Wrecked Side" being intros to the A and B side of the record, though what I am reviewing is the CD. Beast would lend themselves well to vinyl, though in a quick web search I did not see where "Infernal Hangover" was ever released on vinyl. The killer cover art would make for a great 12" cover. 

The first 100 CD copies on Slaney Records came with a Beast beer coaster, sticker, flyer and pin. Now c'mon! Any thrash band that would include a beer coaster with their release is worth giving a listen to. 

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