Beau Nasty

Voodoo Violence Beau Nasty - Shake It (WTG) 1989

1.   Shake It (4:29)
2.   Goodbye Rosie (3:59)
3.   Gimme Lovin' (3:36)
4.   Paradise In The Sand (4:14)
5.   Dirty, But Well Dressed (3:04)
6.   Love To The Bone (4:51)
7.   Gemini (3:48)
8.   Piece Of The Action (3:51)
9.   Make A Wish (4:39)
10. Love Potion #9 (3:26)

Beau Nasty is a sleaze glam act popped up at the late 80s and featured the well-known metal drummer, Mike Terrana who went on to play with Yngwie Malmsteen, Axel Rudi Pell, and Masterplan. "Dirty But Well Dressed" was the band's debut and only album. For whatever reason, promotional copies of the album were titled "Shake It", which may have been the original title before it was changed to "Dirty But Well Dressed". "Shake It" was the first single off the album and received moderate airplay on MTV's Headbangers Ball. 

The musical direction of the band is fairly typical of the late 80's sleazy hard rock sound, not unlike Britney Fox or Dangerous Toys. The biggest difference is that the production is slightly cleaner, thanks in part to producer Beau Hill, known for his work with Ratt. Also, Mark Fretz' vocal style isn't quite as nasty as the aforementioned groups. Rather Fretz is like a cross between Robert Plant and a raspy Mark Slaughter. There are a few tracks here that are more along the lines of early Winger, such as the power-ballad "Paradise In the Sand" and "Make A Wish". "Shake It" is one of the more immediately catchy songs on the disc and a good choice for a single. "Gemini" is a good mid tempo rocker while "Piece of The Action" has a nice groove and a hooky chorus. Of course, Love Potion #9 is a cover of the classic 1959 song originally recorded by the Clovers. The song has been re-recorded over and over again, including a minor hit for NWOBHM band Tygers of Pan Tang (1982). 

Overall, Beau Nasty's one and only album wasn't breaking down any doors with their creativity, as they seemed to neatly fit in with the pack. However, that does not mean that what they did wasn't good. In fact, "Shake It" is an enjoyable late 80's hard rock album. 

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