Relentless Bedemon - Child of Darkness: From the Original Master Tapes (Black Widow) 2005

1. Child of Darkness (4:12)
2. Enslaver of Humanity (2:54)
3. Frozen Fear (4:14)
4. One-Way Road (2:47)
5. Serpent Venom (3:56)
6. Last Call (3:07)
7. Drive Me to the Grave (3:21)
8. Into the Grave (3:15)
9. Skinned (2:09)
10. Through the Gates of Hell (3:32)
11. Touch the Sky (5:06)
12. Child of Darkness II (3:02)
13. Time Bomb (4:28)
14. Nighttime Killers (3:46)
15. Axe to Grind (5:26)

Though this CD is marketed as a Pentagram side project, it's actually a band that existed before Pentagram and was mostly the brainchild of guitarist Randy Palmer. Palmer spent about a year in Pentagram as a second guitarist but as far as I am aware, did not record with them. The biggest connection is vocalist Bobby Liebling who is the one constant in Pentagram. Bedemon basically existed from 1973 through 1979 playing their own brand of dark, doomy heavy metal with a heavy Black Sabbath influence. Of course this was around the same time as Sabbath were popular, however Bedemon are practically unknown due to the fact that they couldn't score a proper record label during their heyday.

From what I have read these recordings were never meant to be an official release or even for a demo. They are basically recordings of the band's practice and they sound as such. The recordings are very raw and have bootleg quality to them. However, these recordings were released to give Pentagram and Randy Palmer fans a chance to listen in on a musical moment in time. This was heavy metal circa 1973 in it's rawest and truest form combining elements of Blue Cheer, The Stooges, Iron Butterfly and, of course, early Black Sabbath. The songs are built around mostly slow tempos, heavily distorted guitar riffs and an almost psychedelic feel. Bobby Liebling’s vocals are more raw and unrefined than in Pentagram. The whole thing should interest fans of doom and especially Pentagram. Though I doubt this will be a frequent player for anyone I still found it an interesting look back into time and into a practically unknown early American heavy metal band. 

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