Best of Bowie 69-74 Dead & Bloated - You Don't (Colossal) 1991

1. "Ruling Class" (3:40)
2. "You Don't" (6:54)
3. "Farewell, Life" (4:39)
4. "Indefinitely" (2:57)
5. "Convulse" (4:08)
6. "Time to Let" (2:48)
7. "Encopresis" (6:14)
8. "Nuclear Lucifer" (2:08)
9. "Essense" (2:50)
10. "IXL" (2:54)
11. "Our Day" (2:10)
12. "Another" (4:37)

Dead & Bloated? Who the heck are they? I never heard of them either until this CD arrived in the mail as a surprise from a generous trader. Rarely does a CD impress me right from the very first listen like this one did. D&B play technical, aggressive thrash metal, a style that is right up my alley. If you took the experimentation of Voivod, mixed it with the songwriting and vocals of Death and threw in some Anacrusis and Believer for good measure, you might get an idea of what to expect on "You Don't". From the beginning to the end of this disc, the intensity never lets up. Each song is crammed full of meaty guitar riffs and licks, as well as tempo changes and the odd time signature or two. However, unlike some progressive bands that leave me cold, Dead and Bloated aren't afraid to use a riff more than once, nor are they afraid to actually have a chorus. Yes, it's true. You might even find yourself barking along to a song or two. Lryics are pretty typical for 90's thrash dealing with everything from politics to questioning religion.

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