Dover Trench

Exhibition of Speed Dover Trench - Exhibition of Speed (Speedcore USA) 1991

1. "Acid Test" (6:42)
2. "Trench Death Gestapo" (2:12)
3. "Most Holy" (4:14)
4. "Married Murderer" (1:42)
5. "Punishment (A.S.D.)" (3:21)
6. "Forcing House" (2:41)
7. "Face Plate Removal" (3:42)
8. "Bone Creature" (1:44)
9. "America First" (2:44)
10. "Friction Burns" (1:43)
11. "Lurch" (:17)
12. "The Immortal Few" (7:19)

Dover Trench! Who? I didn't know either until I traded for this disc on a whim. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this underground, thrash metal album. "Exhibition of Speed" is insane thrash metal that reminds me of bands like Sadus, Believer and possibly Holy Terror. It's not that they sound like a carbon copy of any of those bands, but they do share that same intensity. The music is fast, the band is tight, the riffs are vicious, the vocals are completely and totally wild. This is thrash metal! However, as wild as this album is, the song writing isn't lacking in hooks, both musical and vocal. There are plenty of those shout along gang vocal choruses, such as the shouted "TRENCH! DEATH! GESTAPO!". As was the trend in the early 90's for thrash bands, "Exhibition of Speed" features a few short S.O.D. inspired songs. "Lurch" is the shortest of the bunch, clocking in at only seventeen seconds. This song is a humorous, musical homage to The Adams Family TV series and in particular, Lurch the butler. My favorite songs are the bookends "Acid Test" and "The Immmortal Few". These longer songs reveal an epic, almost progressive side to the band that probably could have developed even further. Unfortunately this was the band's one and only full length release, other than some prior demos.

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