Fighting for the Eart Grand Lux - Carved In Stone (Ulterium Records) 2007

1. "1000 Paper Cranes" (3:13)
2. "Fallen Angel" (3:24)
3. "Escaping The Clouds" (3:50)
4. "Eye Of The Storm" (4:09)
5. "Through Dirt" (3:37)
6. "Like Hail From Blue Sky" (4:37)
7. "Love Reflections" (3:37)
8. "Never Fall" (3:47)
9. "Eternity In Fire" (3:34)
10. "Rainbow’s End" (5:14)

Grand Lux are a Norwegian metal band. Usually when I think of Norwegian metal I tend to connect it with black metal. However, the country has given us much more than black metal including such classic bands as Artch, TNT and Grand Lux. Like Artch and early TNT, Grand Lux play heavy metal in the classic vein, proudly flying their classic metal banner. To be honest, I was already familiar with Grand Lux before picking up this CD. I had already owned their second CD "Iron Will" for quite some time. However, with "Carved in Stone", Grand Lux have taken things to a whole new level. "Carved In Stone" proves to be a heavier and more focused effort when compared to "Iron Will". There are several standout tracks here, but I I found "1000 Paper Cranes", "Eye Of The Storm" and "Rainbow's End" to be some of my favorites. These songs are mostly mid paced with a power metal crunch and a production that is crystal clear, but doesn't lose the heavy feel. The guitar solos are sufficient, while not overly technical. Phil Goode has a slightly raspy, mid-range vocal style that works well with the music.

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