ex-Badlands/Die Happy bassist goes solo.

It's About Time Greg Chaisson - It's About Time (Intense) 1994

1. "Too Late To Pray" (3:32)
2. "It Ain't Me" (The Politician)" (3:48)
3. "My Dark Side" (5:04)
4. "Whatever" [instrumental] (1:21)
5. "Love" (3:56)
6. "I'll Always Love You (for Jennifer)" (4:00)
7. "Never Too Far" (5:04)
8. "The River" (4:58)
9. "Heard it All Before" (2:20)
10. "Blues for the Rev. Willy" (4:27)
11. "Heaven" (5:45)
12. "Wat-ChaGo-Na-Du" (3:49)

Badlands rhythms section (Greg Chaisson-bass & Eric Singer-drums) come together to record this solo blues record for Greg. Of course Greg also performed with Die Happy, which is probably how he hooked up with Intense Records. Anyhow, this particular album is similar to neither of Greg's former bands. "It's About Time" is a rock 'n roll, blues based album in which Gregg seems to fancy himself a vocalist as well. His voice is raw and fitting of the almost live feel of the recording. "The River" also showed up on the last Badlands disc "Dusk."

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