Ascension GROMS - Ascension (Pleitegeier Records) 1996

1. "Ascension" (5:32)
2. "From Dust to Dust" (3:56)
3. "True Wisdom" (6:10)
4. "The Riddle" (2:45)
5. "Truth Misunderstood" (3:59)
6. "Noone" (4:05)
7. "The End of the Age" (4:45)
8. "The Voice of Righteousness" (5:38)
9. "The Just Shall Live By Faith" (3:21)

GROMS (or God Rules Over My Soul) were a name that were becoming well known in the underground death metal scene in the mid 90's. Hailing from Norway, the land of black metal, GROMS play groove laden, old school death metal that borrowed heavily from technical thrashers like Kreator and Believer. Unfortunately for them, due to their record company/managment ripping them off they developed som internal problems and this ended up being the only disc they ever released released. (They also released a demo tape.) The album sold well, but is now out of print and VERY hard to find. Came in two different covers, neither was better than the other.

GROMS also appeared on Rowe's Norther Lights compilation that also featured Extol, Schaliach, and Antestor.

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