Jeff Scheetz

Pawn Shop Jeff Scheetz - Pawn Shop (BamZoom) 1997

1. "Coffeehouse Blues" (4:43)
2. "Pike" (4:27)
3. "Soaring" (4:53)
4. "Platform Shoes" (4:07)
5. "Lakota" (5:21)
6. "Legend" (4:30)
7. "Return of the Wolf" (4:45)
8. "Uncle Glen Shuffle" (4:08)
9. "Space Madness" (6:01)
10. "Rock of Ages" (2:46)

Jeff Scheetz's third solo release is, in my opinion, his best as he concentrates more on solid song structures than just total shred and technicality. The variety from song to song also helps this album. I'm not a huge fan of solo, instrumental shred guitar, but occassionally this is a good listen.

On cassette:
Jeff Scheetz-Woodpecker Stomp (Pure Metal)
Jeff Scheetz-Dig! (Pure Metal)

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