Reign in Glory Majesty - Reign In Glory (Massacre Records) 2003

1. "Heavy Metal Battlecry" (4:46)
2. "Into The Stadiums" (4:37)
3. "Reign In Glory" (5:19)
4. "Will Of The Cobra" (4:54)
5. "Defender Of The Brave" (7:14)
6. "Lord Of The Damned" (8:02)
7. "Heroes" (6:38)
8. "Thunder In The Silence" (7:54)
9. "Troopers Of Steel" (5:13)
10. "Falcon In The Storm" (10:30)

My first thoughts when listening to this CD was that "Reign in Glory" is pure Manowar-worship. I mean from the anthems calling the hordes of metal fans to unity to the metal clichés crammed in each and every song to the music itself, I was reminded of the mighty kings of metal. However, upon more spins of this disc, I noticed that Majesty¹s traditional metal sound is not only influenced by Manowar, but also by classic metal bands such as Judas Priest, Accept, Virgin Steele, and even Iron Maiden. Most of the material here is pretty fast, although things slow down a bit for the second half of the disc. There are even some slower epics and pseudo-ballads. However, for the most part, this is pure heavy metal. The opening track "Heavy Metal Battlecry", which is a powerful, speed metal song, really says it all when it comes to this bands sound and philosophy. "Heros of meal now join our crusade. The armies are marching again. Heavy Metal Battlecry, echoes in the mountains high, heavy metal battlecry, hail, hail hail, heavy metal battlecry, fight until we die!

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