Initial Velocity Mandator - Initial Velocity (Disaster) 1988

1. "Attila" (3:44)
2. "Black Rose" (6:42)
3. "Faces Of Death" (3:39)
4. "Jack Boots And Leather Caps" (5:13)
5. "Power Of The Law" (4:05)
6. "Evil Dead" (6:28)
7. "Posers" (5:21)
8. "I Will Be Your Last" (5:04)

Mandator were not initially a thrash band, rather their music evolved into thrash from a more melodic classic metal band. The band's debut album "Initial Velocity" still shows some of the progression from a chaotic thrash band from more traditional metal. At least four of the eight tracks represent fast, straight forward thrash metal, while the other four are a bit less frantic although still quite heavy. "Black Rose", for instance, starts off with a fast, manic thrash groove, but finishes off in a more melodic, classic metal style. I actually like this blending of styles as it makes for more dynamic songwriting. Likewise, "Jack Boots And Leather Caps" has a very classic sound. "Power of the Law", on the other hand, picks up the tempo and continues in a similar mode to album opener "Atilla". Both are choice thrashers. The vocals range seemingly easily from raw and strained to more melodic and mellow depending on the track and despite the different styles the album manages to sound rather uniform. Overall, Initial Velocity is not a bad example of old speed/thrash.

Perfect Progeny Mandator - Perfect Progeny (Disaster) 1989

1. "Stick Your Knife" (5:52)
2. "Coitus Interruptus" (6:10)
3. "Surrealistic Maneuvers" [instrumental] (1:40)
4. "A.I.D.S." (7:42)
5. "Brain Desire" (7:12)
6. "Perfect Progeny" (3:54)
7. "Automatic Artillery" (5:37)
8. "Life is Calling" (6:20)

Madator are a Dutch thrash band that have many similarities to German contemporaries Kreator and Sodom, only with a slightly more punk delivery. However, I also hear influences of Slayer and even a bit of that NYC Hardcore movement as well. With any thrash band, the riffs and solos are usually at the forefront of the music, and that is the case here as well. Madator mix chaotic riffs, yet do so without sounding boring. "Perfect Progency" is infectious, catchy thrash metal! The highlight is probably the "epic" A.I.D.S., which is over seven minutes long, and contains two or three overt thrash breaks and also a nice long solo section. The chorus, which is actually sung as letter, A, I , D, S, is a bit bizzare as it almost sounds like an anthem to a disease, although that surely is not the intent of the song. Musically however, this track rules! The title track as well is a standout cut, with some fast, speed-metal riffing and choice guitar solos. "Surrealistic Maneuvers" is a short, classically inpired guitar instrumental. Very cool! "Coitus Interruptus" is just a bit silly, with the "sex part" towards the end of the song and some dude going "oh yes, right there". Bwaahahaha! Ok, that's just funny! While the band tackles social and political issues, it also seems to me that they don't take themselves to seriously and are having a lot of fun. Overall this is a well-executed thrash album and a nice addition to my ever growing thrash collection.

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