Powersurge Powersurge - MCMXCI (Roadracer) 1991

1. "Words" (5:17)
2. "Pulled Over" (5:06)
3. "Call Me" (5:09)
4. "Engine Rail" (3:17)
5. "Battle Call" (5:40)
6. "Burning Revenge" (4:17)
7. "Tear Up the Pavement" (4:01)
8. "Shock Wave" (5:37)
9. "Wall of Power" (2:57)
10. "Stress Attack" (3:09)

I acquired this CD in a trade. I took a chance as I had never heard them, but was overjoyed upon hearing the metallic sounds that emanated from my speakers. When I think of any band on Roadracer/Roadrunner, I usually think of thrash or death metal. Powersurge, on the other hand, are quality American power metal. Soaring clean vocals, speedy riffs, quick solos, and thundering drums. At times Powersurge push the edges of speed metal, but never really enter into the thrash territory. Reminded me a bit of Vicous Rumors, Sanctuary and Sacred Warrior. "Tear Up the Pavement" is perhaps one of my favorite songs on the disc as it recalls the metal anthems of the 80's both in the songwriting and in the lyrics. The production here is flawless, being recorded at the metal factory Morrisound Studios, where band's like Iced Earth and Death have recorded some of their best material. It's a shame this band never released anything else.

Aftermath Powersurge - Aftermath ( Battle Cry Records) 2006

1. "Snow God" (4:17)
2. "Pedal to the Metal" (3:17)
3. "Flying Tigers" (3:38)
4. "Free Base" (3:10)
5. "Stepping Stone" (2:32)
6. "Bullet for A Bad Man" (2:43)
7. "One Nation's Revenge" (4:20)
8. "Fate" (3:29)
9. "Voltage Rider" (4:07)
10. "Heavy Metal Blues" (3:03)
11. "Wall of Power" [live] (4:01)
12. "Words" [live] (5:52)
13. "Shockwave" [live] (5:37)
14. "Stress Attack" [live] (3:40)
15. "Call Me" [live] (5:28)
16. "Engine Rail" [live] (3:30)
17. "Things Are Never What They Seem" [live] (3:53)
18. "Pulled Over" [live] (5:35)
19. "Dirty Little Toy " [live] (3:06)

"Aftermath" is a compilation of sorts. The first ten tracks were recorded at Morrisound Studios in Florida and are all prime power/speed metal. The Morrisound recordings were as well recorded live to tape without any overdubs and mixed by Jeff Dyer & Andy Myer. The remaining tracks were recorded live at the Rock'it Club in Tampa FL. As with the band's self titled album on Roadracer, the songs featured here are all prime American power metal. Of course, in 2006 power metal takes on a different meaning. Whereas this description use to describe bands like Metal Church, Sacred Warrior and Vicious Rumors, the description now takes on the meaning of flowery, progressive, dungeons and dragons heavy metal (ie. Dragonforce, Rhapsody, etc.) However, Powersurge fall into the later. This is heavy metal; majestic vocals, speedy riffs, great guitar licks, and thundering drums. Vocalist James Marra has a soaring, high, clean style that reminds me heavily of Sacred Warrior's Rey Parra. The first ten tracks on this CD are absolutely essential to any fan of this style of heavy metal. The live tracks are cool to have as well, and are a nice addition to the disc. However, the recording quality drops considerably on these tracks, so they aren't quite as essential as the studio material. Also, the crowd noise seems to be added, rather than being the genuine club crowd. This crowd sounds like a stadium crowd and in general never reacts to the in between song banter. Personally, I would have much rather heard the genuine club crowd. I assume that this show was recorded through the soundboard and the crowd was nearly absent from the recording. If that be the case, frankly, I'd have rather had the silence. Otherwise, the studio tracks here are outstanding. The CD comes with a 20 page full color booklet with plenty of photos and a ton of reading material.

Eye of the Storm Powersurge - Eye of the Storm (Battle Cry Records) 2006

1. "Targeted For Termination" (3:48)
2. "The Bus" (3:36)
3. "Death" (5:57)
4. "Club Aftermath" (3:42)
5. "The Spins " (3:16)
6. "Rat Racing" (4:21)
7. "Drunk And Disorderly" (4:19)
8. "Who Is Lord" (3:53)
9. "Wrecking Crew" (2:47)
10. "Push You" (5:04)
11. "Lightening" (3:17)
12. "Life's A Bitch" (4:05)
13. "Eye Of The Storm" (4:15)
14. "Busted" (3:55)
15. "The Stalk" [instrumental] (2:37)
16. "Wholesome Americans" (3:35)
17. "Tear Up The Pavement" (4:06)
18. "Wall Of Power" (3:05)
19. "Burning Revenge" (4:18)

Tracks 1-11 were released on vinyl as " Targeted For Termination" on O.P.M. Records in 2003. These recordings were actually recorded in 1989 live to tape at Morrisound recording studios, Tampa FL. All 18 audio tracks are prime, classic heavy metal. Powersurge are charged by majestic vocals, heavy guitar riffs, solid guitar solos, and thundering drums. Vocalist James Marra studied at the Geoff Tate school of helium high singing and has a soaring, clean style. A few of these songs made it onto the bands 1991 Roadracer album, "MCMXCI". For the most part, the production on these tracks are quite good, being that they are studio recordings. I had read that these tracks were recorded live without any overdubs. If that be the case, the band were obviously very tight, as the songs sound fantastic. The only track that lacks is "Burning Revenge" which sounds to be a rough demo recording.

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