Shocking Its Prey Rik Emmett - Absolutely (Charisma) 1990

1.   Drive Time (4:22)r
2.   Big Lie (4:15)
3.   Saved By Love (3:58)
4.   When a Heart Breaks (3:40)
5.   World of Wonder (3:57)
6.   Stand and Deliver (5:23)
7.   The Way That You Love Me (4:18)
8.   Middle Ground (4:03)
9.   Heaven Only Knows (3:58)
10. Smart, Fast, Mean and Lucky (3:56)
11. Passage (For Big Nick) [instrumental] (2:30)

Rik Emmett is the vocalist, guitarist, and founding member of the Canada's Triumph. Emmett left Triumph in 1988 to pursue a solo career and "Absolutely" was his first release. It apparently became a moderate hit in Canada and the US because of hits "When a Heart Breaks" and "Saved by Love". "Saved by Love" was also used in the film "Problem Child 2".

I'm not sure as to Rik's reason for splitting from his band Triumph because musically "Absolutely" is just lightweight Triumph. The album starts off strong with an upbeat hard rock shuffle titled "Drive Time", which is followed up by a political rant titled "Big Lie". The rest of the album, save for the closing track, is keyboard-incrusted, over-produced adult oriented rock including a couple of super-sappy radio ballads ("When a Heart Breaks" & "The Way That You Love Me"). Most of this album lacks any sort of musical muscle due as much to the 1980's production as the songwriting itself. In fact a song like "Stand and Deliver" probably would have been a solid rocker had it been built around the guitars as opposed to sappy keyboards. However, perhaps the worst song is "Smart, Fast, Mean and Lucky", a song that actually has Rik rapping. The album ends with a fantastic instrumental. I wouldn't mind hearing a little more of this from Rik. 

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