The Ritual Sacred Rite - The Ritual (Marquee) 1985

1.  Teaser (3:50)
2.  Ritual (3:20)
3.  Headfirst (3:34)
4.  1812: The Battle [live] (3:46)
5.  Witch's Fury [live] (3:06)
6.  Executioner [live] (4:40)
7.  Second Row [live] (4:46)
8.  Revelation [live] (6:13)
9.  The Blade [live] (6:26)
10.  Angels Never Die [live] (3:50)
11.  I Will Survive [live] (8:18)
12.  Killer In Disguise [live] (3:44)
13.  White Boy [live] (4:09)
14.  As It Was Told [live] (7:28)
15.  Second Row [live] (5:26)
16.  Revelation  [live] (5:55)

Born out of the topical islands of Hawaii, Sacred Rite were a melodic heavy metal band. "The Ritual" was Sacred Rite’s second release and followed on the heels of their eponymous debut from 1984. 

"The Ritual" is composed of eight cuts; four new studio tracks and four live cuts. The four studio cuts are all prime 1980's heavy metal with smooth vocals and big hooks. "Teaser" is a double-bass driven track with fiery axe work and a big, hooky chorus. The next track "Ritual" must be at least partially inspired by "Sails of Charon". Headfirst" is an up-beat traditional heavy metal number with another hooky, sing-along chorus while "1812: the Battle" is a galloping, bass-driven Maiden inspired track. These four tracks composed the A-side of the original vinyl release.

The four live tracks are well recorded. "Revelation" and "Executioner" come from the band's first self-released album. They are more fantasy based and seem to have their roots in the NWOBHM more-so than the four studio tracks. "Revelation" gives guitarist Mark Kaleiwahea as chance to flex his musical muscles with some fierce soloing. The other two tracks were new to this release. "Second Row" is a catchy anthem that was certainly a crowd pleaser, and "Witch's Fury" is a up-tempo, melodic heavy metal romp.

Unfortunately the bonus live tracks are not recorded well and aren't something that most people will spend much time listening to.

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