Saced Slam

Thrashing Till Your Doom Sacred Slam - Thrashing Till Your Doom (independent) 2015

1. Cave of thieves (4:31)
2. Imagery (6:12)
3. Arrojados Fuera (4:20)
4. King of Kings (4:50)
5. Fight! (3:34)

Sacred Slam is an crossover-style thrash band from Chile. Their sound is raw, heavy, and a mix of fast to mid-paced songs. "Cave of Thieves" opens up the five song CD and starts off with some mid-paced, machine-gun riffing before the song breaks out into a fast crossover thrasher with punk-inspired, shouted vocals. That intensity doesn't let up for the entirety of the album. The band never strays into metalcore territory, instead unleashing one pummelling, old-school thrash metal track after the next. The production is fairly raw, which only adds to the appeal of the music.

Apparently this debut CD was pressed in a very limited quantity of 100 copies. 

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