Salem's Law

Tale of Goblins' Breed Salem's Law - Tale of Goblins' Breed (Zyx Metallic Records) 1989

1. "Prayer" (1:10)
2. "Thunder From The Gods" (3:50)
3. "Circle Of Times" (4:00)
4. "Misanthrope" (6:52)
5. "Robin" (6:47)
6. "Dream Of Love" (4:40)
7. "Goblins" (3:14)
8. "When The Lights Go Out" (2:09)

Had this one for several months before finally adding it to my site. Salem's Law are a strange band. They almost have a Cirith Ungol quality to them, but are not in any way a Cirith Ungol clone. There's just something about them that reminds me of them. "Tale of the Goblin's Breed" is early German power metal with a singer I would describe as a combination of David Bowie, Eric Clayton from Saviour Machine and a lounge singer trying to imitate Elvis Presley. It's quite bizarre and pretty darn unique. I tend to like quirky, odd vocalists, but in this case I am undecided. I can be listening to this CD and thinking it's outrageously fun, and other times wondering to myself exactly what this band was trying to accomplish. The music is actually quite good; fast guitar riffs, shouted gang vocals, quick guitar solos, etc. However, those vocals may take some getting use to. The last couple tunes feature duet style vocals wit the addition of a female vocalist.

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