Sin Dizzy was formed in California by former Stryper guitarist Oz Fox and bassist Tim Gaines.

Sin Dizzy Sin Dizzy - He's Not Dead (indie) 1998

1. "He's Not Dead" (4:04)
2. "I Gave My All To Him" (4:32)
3. "Psalm 23" (4:15)
4. "Enter Me" (4:43)
5. "Sacred Blood" (6:04)
6. "Back In Time" (4:38)
7. "Rise Above" (3:22)
8. "Long Way To Heaven" (4:06)
9. "When The Son Comes Back" (4:24)
10. "Hebrew Kings" (5:15)

This album is a BIG disappointment. Two metal lengends (Oz Fox and Timothy Gaines) re-unite and instead of doing what they do best, they release a bunch of over simplistic, alternative grunge crap. According to the liner notes, some of these songs were written for what would have been the new Stryper album, after "Against the Law." If that be true, I am glad Stryper broke up when they did. "He's Not Dead" is a terrible excuse for a song. I couldn't even get through this album in one listen as it made me cringe as I flipped through from song to song. I dunno, perhaps I was expecting more, or perhaps I was just expecting another Stryper. All I know is this is NOT what I was expecting or hoping for. Still I held onto the disc since I am a Stryper fanatic. Had the disc autographed by both Oz and Timothy.

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