Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow were formed in 1989 in New Jersey. Several of it's members were formerly in Attacker including vocalist Bob Mitchell and guitarists Jim Mooney.
Mike LePond, formerly of Heathen's Rage and now well known for his position in Symphony X was also a part of this band at one time.

Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow (Azra/Ironworks) 1991

1. "Darkness" (:53)
2. "Last Rites (2:33)
3. "Freedom Condemned (5:22)
4. "Hazardous (3:50)
5. "Eighth Wonder (6:04)
6. "Final Conflict (5:41)
7. "Children of the Sea" (5:37)
8. "Darkness (Reprise) (:56)
9. "Iggy's Audi (:33)

Sleepy Hollow perform dark, doomy majestic heavy metal. Had this been released today, it would have been labeled "power metal". However in 1989/90 when this CD was being recorded, this was called simply, "heavy metal". The band offers galloping riffs, fast guitar leads, memorable song writing and soaring clean vocals. Former Attacker vocalist Bob Mitchell has one of those high voices that were typical of this style of metal in the 80's, however, he also has some gruff and grit to his voice, reminding me at times of Alan Teccchio of Hades.

Hearing this, I am actually surprised this band doesn't have a big cult following, not unlike some other New Jersey underground acts. The one thing that holds this CD back is that the production is a bit thin overall. However, all the instruments can be clearly heard and the mix itself is even. I'd be willing to bet that proper mastering could really enhance this album. All the songs here are quite good, with extra special props to the awesome Black Sabbath cover" Children of the Sea". I can actually hear how Dio-era Sabbath might have been a huge influence on this band's sound.

My CD copy has two covers. The winged horse cover is a single page insert with nothing printed on the back. The other is a four page insert with lyrics and a thank you list.

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