Smashed Gladys

Social Intercourse Smashed Gladys - Social Intercourse (Wounded Bird) 1988

1. Lick it Into Shape (3:49)
2. Seventeen Goin' on Crazy (3:51)
3. Play Dirty (4:01)
4. Dive in the Dark (3:31)
5. Eye of the Storm (4:19)
6. Hard to Swallow (4:02)
7. Legs Up (4:19)
8. Eye for an Eye (4:17)
9. Cast of Nasties (4:21)
10. Sermonette (4:43)

Smashed Gladys are originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada but move to New York City to gain some national attention. Apparently they caught the attention of Kiss' Gene Simmons who agreed to produce their demo and help them secure a record contract. Apparently it all worked because Smashed Gladys signed with Elektra Records for their sophomore release titled "Social Intercourse". Smashed Gladys are a sleazy hard rock band. Their sound is a mixture of Faster Pussycat & Poison fronted by female vocalist Sally Cato. Cato has a very energetic voice. She is not just some wimpy female vocalist. Rather, her whiskey soaked vox are perfect for the music. There are no keyboard saturated AOR numbers here. Guitarist Bart Lewis and Roger Lane lay down some heavy guitars on top of a slightly funky rhythm section of J.D. Malo (bass) and Matt Steluto (drums). The lyrical approach of the band is one that will make many people blush. If the album title and songs titles like "Lick It Into Shape", "Play Dirty" and "Legs Up" don't give it away, the lyrics are very sexually explicit. This is not a thinking man's band, rather this is down 'n' dirty rock and roll. Despite being released on a major label and being quite a good record, Smashed Gladys never really found fame and remain an underground, cult favorite. "Social Intercourse" was the bands last album before breaking up.

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