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Whiplash Bash
Ted Nugent - New Year's Eve Whiplash Bash (VHS/Atlantic) 1988
Ted Nugent - New Year's Eve Whiplash Bash (DVD/Black Bomb) 1988

1. "That's the Story of Love" [video clip]
2. "Weekend Warriors"
3. "Motor City Madhouse"
4. "Free For All"
5. "Yank Me, Crank Me"
6. "Painkiller"
7. "Spread Your Wings"
8. "Stranglehold"
9. "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang"
10. "New Year's Eve Countdown Jam"
11. "Great White Buffalo"
12. "Journey to the Center of the Mind/Baby Please Don't Go"
13. "She Drives Me Crazy"

This is a classic show from the Motor City Madman. The standards are here, such as "Great White Buffalo", "Motor City Madhouse", "Stranglehold", etc., but it also includes some classic 80's songs that are rarely played any longer. Sort of a shame really as "Spread You Wings" and "Painkiller" are two excellent songs, in this fans opinion. "That's the Story of Love" is actually a video clip and not part of the live concert. This show also features on-again, off-again Nugent vocalist Derek St. Holmes singing some of the classics.

I have always wanted to attend one of Ted's New Year's Whiplash Bashes in Detroit, but alas it hasn't happened thus far. "Whiplash Bash" was released on Atlantic Records in 1988 and has yet to see light of day officially on the DVD format. For the time being I own this very nice bootleg copy complete with a professionally printed cover (this is no laser printer cover), as well as the original VHS copy.

Uprising Damn Yankees - Uprising (Warner Bros./Rhino) 1992

see Damn Yankees page.

Ted Nugent Ted Nugent - Full Bluntal Nugity Live (Spitfire) 2003

1. "Intro"
2. "Great Nug Buffalo"
3. "Paralyzed"
4. "Stormtroopin'"
5. "Nuge Noize Check"
6. "Snakeskin Cowboys"
7. "Nug Gear Abuse"
8. "Free For All"
9. "Hey Baby"
10. "Nug Radio"
11. "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang"
12. "Nug Manager Wedding" [Blues Jam]
13. "Kiss My Ass"
14. "Full Uzinuge"
15. "Yank Me, Crank Me"
16. "Spirit w/ Garlic, Butter & Gutpiles"
17. "Dog Eat Dog"
18. Cat Scratch Fever"
19. "Derek St. Holme LA Jam"
20. "Stranglehold"
21. "Motor City Madhouse"
22. "Buffalo Entrance II"
23. "Great White Buffalo"
24. "Fred Bear"
25. "Outro/Credits"
1. "Free For All" [Capital Center 1979]
2. "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang" [Capital Center 1980]
3. "Cat Scratch Fever" [Cal Jam 11 1978]
4. "Motor City Madhouse" [Cal Jam 11 1978]
5. "Fred Bear" [Whiplash Bash 2000]
6. "Journey to the Center of the Earth [video/1967]
7. "Crave" [video/2003]
8. "Full Nugent Discography"
9. "The Making of Craveman Documentary"

The Motor City Madman's guitar arsenal on stage.
photo by Scott Waters

Outrageous 2-disc DVD set from Nugent. This live DVD not only includes an entire show from Detroit, 2002, but also includes plenty of vintage bonus material. The show starts off with Nugent riding onstage atop of a real live buffalo before he charges into the opening chords of "Free-For-All." The buffalo makes a second appearance, slobbering all over the stage before Nug charges into "Great White Buffalo". The track listing is most impressive; "Paralyzed", "Stormtroopin'", "Snakeskin Cowboys", "Dog Eat Dog" and "Stranglehold" are all cranked out in typical Gonzo hysteria. From start to finish Ted proves that he is still at the top of his game, letting lose with plenty of Motor City Madman licks. After all, it is "all about the attitude." One nice inclusion is whenever the viewer gets to a song in the new concert that there is also a bonus track for, a small craveman icon appears in the lower right corner of the screen allowing to view the vintage material in leu of the newer recording. Intermixed with the live footage is some interview and candids of Ted on his home terrain and in the studio. This is one of the finest live DVDs released. Nugent gives his fans plenty of bang for their buck. Here's hoping the Whiplash bash VHS video will one day also be released onto DVD.

Sweden Rocks Ted Nugent - Sweden Rocks (Eagle Rock) 2008

1. "Stormtroopin'"
2. "Wango Tango"
3. "Snakeskin Cowboys"
4. "Free for All"
5. "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang"
7. "Raw Dogs & War Hogs"
8. "Soul Man"
9. "Hey Baby"
10. "Dog Eat Dog"
11. "Still Raising Hell"
12. "Motor City Madhouse/Baby Please Don't Go"
13. "Cat Scratch Fever"
14. "Stranglehold"
15. "Great White Buffalo"
16. "Journey to the Center of the Mind"
17. "Weekend Warriors"
18. "Love Grenade"
19. Interviews
20. Bow Hunting with Ted Nugent
21. Ted on the Gun Range

Ted Nugent live at Beaver Dam, WI, Aug. 15, 2008.
photo by Scott Waters

Four decades later and 'ol Uncle Teddy is still rocking hard and cranking out the jams. No, he's not longer wearing loin cloths and swinging from ropes, but he's still playing hard and as loud and abrasive as he ever was. Recorded live at the Sweden Rock Festival on June 10, 2006, "Sweden Rocks" is Nugent's second official live DVD since "Full Bluntal Nugity" in 2003. Along for the ride with 'ol Uncle Teddy is Barry Sparks on bass and Mick Brown on drums, or as Ted so affectionately refers to them, "the Funk Brothers". The set list mostly includes the standards most would expect from Ted, but adds in a few newer songs as well. "KLSTRPHNKY" is one of Ted's heaviest numbers and comes off the 2002 "Craveman" CD, along with "Raw Dogs & War Hogs". Being one who spends much more time listening to music than watching it, I purchased the CD version of "Sweden Rocks" first. The CD is shy a few songs from the concert that show up here, including "KLSTRPHNKY" and the incredible "Stranglehold". I suppose since "Stranglehold" has been on just about every other Nugent live CD the powers that be didn't feel it a necessary part of the "Sweden Rocks" CD. As well, the DVD includes bonus songs recorded in 2007 including the classic Amboy Dukes number "Journey to the Center of the Mind", the classic Nugent track "Weekend Warriors" and new single "Love Grenade". As well, there is some candid footage of Ted in his element, showing the rest of his band how to bow hunt and such. Plenty of extra goodies for the Nugent fanatic. Now if we could just get an official DVD release of some of Nugent's classic 70's and 80's shows.


Motor City Mayhem Ted Nugent – Motor City Mayhem (Eagle) 2009

 1. “Ted Nugent Intro” (:57)
 2. “Star Spangled Banner” (2:33 )
 3. “Motor City Madhouse” (5:17)
 4. “Wango Tango” (7:53)
 5. “Free For All” (4:28)
 6. “Stormtroopin' ” (3:26)
 7. “Dog Eat Dog” (4:13)
 8. “Need You Bad” (4:20)
 9. “Weekend Warrior” (3:22)
 10. “Love Grenade” (4:20)
 11. “Honky Tonk” [instrumental] (2:17)
1. “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang” (5:34)
 2. “Bo Diddley/Lay With Me” (6:08)
 3. “Baby Please Don't Go” (4:01)
 4. “Geronimo And Me” (2:47)
 5. “Jenny Take A Ride” (3:45)
 6. “Soul Man” (1:30)
 7. “Hey Baby” (4:30)
 8. “Cat Scratch Fever” (4:30)
 9. “Stranglehold” (10:43)
 10. “Great White Buffalo” (9:43)
 11. “Fred Bear” (10:00)
 12. “Outro” (:59)

“Motor City Mayhem” is the second live DVD in a row from old Uncle Ted, as the live DVD “Sweden Rocks” was just released last year. However, this Nugent fanatic couldn’t be happier. Nugent is his best when he is on the stage. He’s loud, obnoxious, brash, bombastic, hyper, opinionated, and downright entertaining. Besides all that he can play a mean guitar as well. This particular concert was recorded and filmed in front of 20,000 screaming fans in Nugent’s hometown of Detroit. The show celebrated Nugent’s 6,000th concert performance. The production here is quite good, capturing the raw, live energy coming from the stage, yet each and every instrument is clearly heard. I actually think the production on this release is better than on last year’s “Sweden Rocks” CD. Ted and his band sound fantastic. For a man in the 60’s, Nugent puts to shame many artists that are 40 years younger than him.
The tracks chosen for this special Independence Day celebration don’t offer a huge variety from the norm, although there are a few surprises. The live version of  the underrated “Love Grenade” is quite nice. Why this song wasn’t being played on every rock station across the country is a mystery. “Honkey Tonk” is a short bluesy instrumental allowing Ted to trade off leads with his former guitar teacher Joe Podorsik. It was very cool to hear the return of “Baby Please Don’t Go”, a song Ted originally recorded with the Amboy Dukes, but was immortalized on the classic “Double Live Gonzo”. The version here is made into a medley with “Geronimo And Me” being sandwiched in the middle of the song. “Weekend Warriors” is another classic resurrected on this live release. “Jenny Take A Ride” is a cover of Detroit’s Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels and features drummer Johnny Bee and a firey guitar solo by Nug. On again, off again vocalist guitarist Derek St. Holmes is brought on stage to sing and play rhythm guitar on “Hey Baby” and “Stranglehold”.
Having seen and met Ted Nugent on this tour with Greg Smith on bass and Mick Brown on drums, this DVD is an excellent reminder of a killer tour. “Motor City Mayhem” is also available on Blue Ray Disc and CD.

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