Terraphobia - Terrafication: The Mort Years (Soundmass) 2015

1. Razorback (3:49)
2. The Dead Shall Be Judged (4:10)
3. I'm Not Your Commodity (4:20)
4. Purest Intent (3:58)
5. Way Truth Life (2:42)
6. Your Time (3:40)
7. Livin' Like A Zombie (7:01)

Terraphobia is the death metal brainchild of guitarist/vocalist Mick Jelinic. The band recorded a full length album and several EPs before Mick eventually joined forces writing and touring with Steve Rowe and Mortification. Together Steve and Mick wrote some fantastic music spread among several albums including Relentless, Brain Cleaner and Erasing The Goblin. Many fans ignore these album assuming that they couldn't possibly be as good as the band's early death metal platters. This is an unfortunate mistake as this recording makes painfully clear. "Terrafication" is Mick re-recording many of the Mortification songs he penned. The renditions here are a bit heavier than Mortification's original versions. I don't know that I would say either versions are better than the other, just different. Most seem to label Terrafication as thrash metal, but this sounds like classic grunt-n-grind death metal to me. Heavy riffs, killer guitar solos, fast down-beats and even faster blast-beats and ultra-guttural vocals. Highly recommended listen if anyone is a fan of classic death metal and especially if anyone is a Mortification fan.

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