Calles de Fuego Tigertailz - Young and Crazy (Deluxe Edition) (Krescendo Records) 1987
DISC ONE (Young and Crazy)
1.  Star Attraction (2:51)
2.  Hollywood Killer (3:39)
3.  Ballerina (:51)
4.  Livin' Without You (4:17)
5.  Shameless (4:20)
6.  City Kidz (3:56)
7.  Shoot To Kill (3:21)
8.  Turn Me On (2:44)
9.  She'z Too Hot (3:13)
10. Young and Crazy (3:03)
11. Fall In Love Again (4:44)

DISC TWO (Original Sin)
1. Shoot To Kill (3:52)
2. Turn Me On (2:53)
3. Now You're On Your Own (3:45)
4. Fall In Love Again (4:29)
5. Young And Crazy (3:19)
6. Star Attraction (3:09)
7. Living Without You (4:19)
8. Take It To The Limit (3:57)
9. I Want You To Want Me (3:28)
10. Cat Got Ya Tongue (4:07)
Jay Pepper

England's Tigertailz are 1980's glam metal band led by bassist and hair spray aficionado Pepsi Tate! Tigertailz had the big hair, the outrageous costumes, and the songs to match. Their look was not unlike early Cinderella, Poison and Britny Fox. However, their sound wasn't really like any of these bands. In general, when most people think of "glam metal", they tend to think of bands like Poison, who are fairly tame as far as their sound is concerned. I tend to like bands with more of an edge like Nitro and Vinnie Vincent Invasion's debut. Tigertailz have a heavier edge like these bands. I read a review on HeavyHarmonies.com several years ago that I never forgot and really peaked my interest in these guys. The writer stated that Tigertailz were, "glam meets thrash." Listening to "You and Crazy" I definitely wouldn't go that far though they do have a heavy edge. Rather than thrash, the band have a punk vibe to their music, not unlike Hanoi Rocks. Some of that vibe is due to vocalist Steevi Jaimz, whose style isn't as high and melodic as the singers in many 80's glam metal bands. As a matter of fact, he has some striking similarities to Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks and helps define the band's sound on "Young and Crazy". After the release of "Young and Crazy" the band parted ways with vocalist Jaimz in search of a vocalist that would help gain the band more mainstream success.

Album opener "Star Attraction" has an AC/DC dirty rock 'n' roll vibe, while, "Shoot to Kill" and follow-up "Turn Me On" have a sound that reminds me of early Motley Crue with those biting guitar riffs. (Remember songs like "Live Wire" and "Piece of Your Action"?) Other songs like "Livin' Without You," "Hollywood Killer," and the title track are anthems written with a crowd in mind. It's the kind of songs you sing along to with fists in the air. One of the things I enjoy about real glam metal is that it's all about having a good time. The music is fun and memorable, and that's exactly what Tigertailz delivers. There's also the obligatory ballad in "Fall In Love Again", which is a fairly average, made-for-radio ballad. It is probably the weakest song on the album, though I suppose it just wouldn't be an 80's glam album without the ballad.

Krescendo Records re-issued "Young and Crazy"  in a double package complete with a bonus disc of the previously released demo album “Original Sin”. The demo contains ten songs, including a cover of Cheap Trick's "I Want You To Want Me".

Berzerk Tigertailz - Bezerk (Music For Nations) 1990

1. SickSex (4:26)
2. Love Bomb Baby (3:03)
3. I Can Fight Dirty Too (3:50)
4. Noise Level Critical (5:23)
5. Heaven (6:04)
6. Love Overload (3:52)
7. Action City (4:02)
8. Twist and Shake (3:32)
9. Squeeze It Dry (4:04)
10. Call of the Wild (3:58)

"Berzerk" was the second full-length release for UK glam metal band Tigertailz. There was no sophomore slump for these guys. In fact, "Berzerk" may even be better than the band's heralded debut. The music wavers between the slightly heavier Motley Crue style tracks such as album opener "Six Sex" and the far more poppy Poison-like tracks such as single "Love Bomb Baby". Vocalist Kim Hooker's vocals sometimes seems to go flat or out of key or something, however his delivery fits the sleazy glam metal vibe of the music. No one ever said rock and roll had to be perfect. The entire album has a 1980's party rock feel, which is something that would soon get lost to the depression of grunge as the 90's wore on. The lone ballad on this album "Heaven" is the only track that really bogs the album down and really disrupts the momentum the album builds. The song is surely an attempt at a hit single, after all just about every other "hair band" from the late 80's and early 90's were doing it. However, ballads are not what Tigertailz do best. Rather, it's the sleazy, hard rockin' songs such as "Sick Sex" and "Noise Lever Critical". 

Is it cheesy? Sure it is! What glam act wasn't cheesy? It's all about the cheese, and the hairspray, and the scarves, and the lipstick, and the look. However, it was just as much about the music, the hooks and the songs Tigertailz had all that and more but were just a little late on the scene to gain the fanbase of bands like Crue and Poison

Bezerk 2.0 Tigertailz - Bezerk 2.0 (Demolition) 2006

1.   Bezerk [intro] (1:26)
2.   Do It Up (3:34)
3.   One Beat Of Your Heart (4:06)
4.  I Believe (5:26)
5.   TVOD (3:31)
6.   Falling Down (3:50)
7.   Make Me Bleed (5:50)
8.   Get Real (3:24)
9.   Annie'z Gone (4:36)
10. For Hate'z Sake (5:38)
11. Sugar Fever (3:25)
12. Dirty Needlez (4:14)

"Bezerk 2.0" is the 2006 follow up to the original album "Bezerk" released on Music For Nations in 1990. "Bererk" was the band's most popular record by a long shot. With this album the band continues to crank out melodic, hard-driving glam/pop metal. The original Bezerk featured new vocalist Kim Hooker and this new album features the same core line-up: Kim Hooker Vocals, Pepsi Tate Bass and Jay Pepper
Jay Pepper , Guitar. As well, the band have added Matthew Blakout Drums and Tim Lewis Keyboards to the line-up. Though I've not heard them myself, from what I have read, follow-up records to the popular 1990 album were far darker, angrier and heavier. As such, many fans have declared "Bezerk 2.0" to be, "the true follow-up." Not having heard those albums, I can't make that claim myself, but what I can say is that "Berzerk 2.0" is packed full of fun, sleazy, catchy, pop metal.

The CD kicks off with the title track intro, a short, balls-to-the-wall song that features heavy riffs and some industrial sound effects. This particular track sounds like it could have been recorded by White Zombie. However, this is not an indication of the entire album. The first real song is "Do It Up", a mid-paced, straight-forward party anthem. It's 1988 all over again! Break out the zebra spandex and Aqua Net! This is good time rock and roll. "One Beat of Your Heart" continues the good time 80's sounds, with a slightly more modern vibe. The song is upbeat and rocks hard, but would be a bit heavier without the keyboards. "I Believe" is the obligatory ballad, but one that is actually quite good. Sure, it's a little cheesy, but a big 'ol hunk of cheddar is tasty every once in a while. Vocalist Kim Hooker croons like he's Freddie Mercury. Actually, I also hear a bit of a Freddie Mercury/Queen inspiration in "Annie'z Gone", another catchy, mid-paced melodic rocker. There are two re-recorded songs on this album. "Make Me Bleed" and "Dirty Needlez" are re-worked versions of songs that appeared on "Wazbones". Not sure what those versions sound like, but these two songs are both hooky hard rockers. I especially like the guitar work and orchestration in "Dirty Needlez". It may very well be the heaviest song on the album and reminds me of Lizzy Borden. "Get Real" has a bit of a Kiss vibe, while "Falling Down" features some unexpected tribal chanting and a heavy bass groove from Pepsi Tate. Perhaps one of the standout cuts on the album is "Suger Fever", a pure bubblegum rocker that could have been a hit if Poison had recorded it in 1987. The only song I didn't care for was "TVOD", mostly due to the ridiculous rap break in the middle of the song.

"Bezerk 2.0" is glam metal for a whole new generation. While some may cringe at the thought of glam metal making a comeback, I'd love to see the good time rock and roll stomp out the dark and gloomy, woe-is-me rock that infests the earth currently.

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