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King of Kings Transfigural Form - Destroyed With Blood (independent) 2006

Destroyed with Blood (2006)
1. "Infirmity X" (3:25)
2. "A Foundation for Pain" (3:02)
3. "Temination Floodwaters" (2:51)
4. "Darkened Existence" (4:08)
5. "Worth Less Than Gold" (2:58)
6. "White Witch" (4:50)
7. "Angry Kid" (5:00)
8. "Dirge of the Black Soul" (6:15)
9. "Final Judgment" (5:25)
10. "Screams of Abadon" (3:30)
11. "Spiral Void" (4:49)
Blood EP (2005)
12. "A New Being" (1:35)
13. "On Your Guard" (3:42)
14. "Blood" (4:26)
15. "State of Decay" (6:08)
16. "Shallow" (4:17)
17. "The Emptiness..." (4:14)
18. Temptation" (4:36)

Transfigural Form are an independent band that ride the fence between old school death metal, melodic death metal and mid-paced, mosh-ethic, thrash metal. The vocals are firmly rooted in the old school death school, with low, gutteral growls and aggressive barks. Musically, the band uses a lot of those mid-paced grooves and thrash riffs. I wouldn't doubt that Transfigural Form were equally influences by both schools of metal. "White Witch" for example starts off with a galloping, classic metal riff then breaks into a melodic lead over a semi-fast down beat before giving way to a Slayer-inspired thrash riff. Likewise, "Final Judgment" begins with some melodic lead work before breaking into the mid-paced riff that is the basis for the song. Had this album had some thrash metal vocals, or even some clean, classic metal vocals, I think most fans of thrash and speed metal would have been salivating all over it. Being an independent release, the production is raw, but surprisingly good. Actually, I think that the raw feel adds to the overall sound of the album. An overly clean production might have zapped some of the charisma from the recording. Although it may not be obvious from the song titles, it should also be noted that Transfigural Form's lyrics are written from a Christian perspective.

This particular release is supposed to be a Limited Edition Pre-Release. According to the liner notes, this particular version of the CD is limited to 100 copies. This version includes not only the 11 new tracks titled "Destroyed with Blood", but also the band's 2005 "Blood" demo. As well, a bonus CDR of demo material was included.

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