Mind Over Metal Tyton - Mind Over Metal (Medusa) 1987

1. "Fanfare" [intro] (:55)
2. "The Warrior" (4:49)
3. "Legacy" (3:08)
4. "Castle Donnington" (3:33)
5. "Destiny Calls" (3:09)
6. "Arcadian" (3:32)
7. "Will You Follow" (5:01)
8. "The Valiant" (4:18)
9. "Mind Over Metal" (5:13)
10. "Musical Maze" (3:55)

"Mind Over Metal" is a solid slab of molten heavy metal that reminds me of bands like Sword, Vicious Rumors, old Virgin Steele and even early Metal Church at times. In other words, a whole heaping helping of fist clenching, neck snapping, head banging, classic heavy metal. I can't see any fan of this style of 1980's true metal being unsatisfied with this release. The production is about average for the time. The vocals are of the clean, classic variety. My initinal interest in this band came about after reading they were a Christian band. Well, I am not exactly sure that this is the case. The lyrics aren't openly evangelical, at least not in the typical Stryper/Barren Cross sense. However, as far as I can tell, they are probably influenced by Christian ideals. Being that this album was released on Medusa in 1987, I am sort of surprised it took me over a decade to finally hear about them, since I was so into this style and regularly kept tabs on what was coming out on this label back then. It just goes to show that Tyton's label didn't put much into marketing them, nor did they have a big buzz going on about them at the time. It's a pity really, this is a good album.

As far as I know, this was only released on cassette and vinyl. I own an original vinyl copy, as well as a very high quality transfer to CDR complete with all the original artwork and lyrics.

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