Progressive thrash metal. Jörg Michael (Stratovarius/Rage) is also the drummer on "Absorbed" and "Mindfailure."

Unleashed Power - Quintet of Spheres (independent)

1. "I.O.D." [instumental] (1:09)
2. "Blindfolded" (6:18)
3. "The Devour" (5:17)
4. "Entombed" (7:01)
5. "The Envoy of Sophistry" (7:44)
6. "Quintet of Spheres" (12:15)
7. "It's About Hypocrites" (6:15)
8. "Hibernate" (5:22)
9. "Dejected Spirits" [instrumental] (:53)
10. "Unleashed Power" (3:10)

Unleashed Power play progressive metal that blends in aspects of thrash and speed metal as well. This is not wimpy metal at all. Guitarist and band founder Ken Jacobsen is a fast guitar player. His rhythm work is outstanding, most of it being played at 100 mph. The twelve-minute epic title track is the highlight of this disc in my opinion. The only weak spot is that the vocals are sometimes one-dimensional. This disc reminds me of bands like New Eden, Destiny's End, and Blind Guardian.

U.P./Unleashed Power -Mindfailure (Amarock)

1. "Gateway to Deadly Sins" (8:32)
2. "Etude" -instrumental (:52)
3. "What They Don't Know" (5:37)
4. "Mindfailure" (6:00)
5. "Thou Shalt Live" (5:14)
6. "Cataclysm" (11:36)
7. "Nefarous" (7:39)
8. "Section Terminal" (5:26)

OK, first of all the change in the name to U.P., what's that all about? Unleashed Power sounds so much better. U.P.? This is a perfect name for Beavis & Butthead to make fun of. "Ha ha, you said, 'you pee!' ha ha." Well, that aside the music on Mindfailure simply shreds from beginning to end. Guitarist and band founder Ken Jacobsen is one of the fastest rhythm players around; and his leads are pretty quick too. I would classify this a progressive thrash. The vocals are different; they are sung but are still very deep, rough and menacing, almost like Bruce Dickinson with a cold. The vocals fit the music well. Cool disc, stupid name.

Unleashed Power - Absorbed (Verdict)

1. "Absorbed" (5:18)
2. "Calendar" (4:45)
3. "Perpetrator of Dreams" (3:25)
4. "...At the Lowest Point" (5:04)
5. "Statis" (5:55)

Five songs of brutal metal that reminds me of Slayer yet somehow sounds very fresh and original. Heavy, brutal metal! Biggest complain is that this disc is way to short.

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