Valentine Saloon

Super Duper Valentine Saloon - Super Duper (Pipeline Records) 1994

1. "Mind Bomb" (3:21)
2. "Cadillac King Revolver" (3:57)
3. "Smothered In Daisy" (4:06)
4. "Under My Skin" (4:33)
5. "Flying Machine" (3:54)
6. "Mrs Jones" (3:29)
7. "Soak" (4:04)
8. "Sentimental Girl" (2:30)
9. "Private Revolution" (3:52)
10. "Why I Like It" (3:31)
11. "Firin' Line" (3:27)
12. "Tangerine" (4:33)

My first thought when listening to this CD was, "man, who do these guys remind me of." I am sure everyone can relate to that feeling when a CD just immediately reminds you of something else you have heard, yet you can't immediately put your finger on it. Well, it finally came to me, Valentine Saloon remind me of another obscure band called Blitspeer, and to a slighly lesser degree The Cult. "Super Duper" is one of those releases that are hard to pigeonhole as the sound doesn't easily fit into any one category. The little bit of information I was able to find about them online had them labeled as "sleeze metal" and while I do hear a bit of that influence in here, I don't think the label is entirely accurate. There is also this slight punk influence to the music and certainly a heaping helping of classic rock influence. (Thanks Shiney)

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