Easier to Liew Vulture - Easier To Lie (Overdrive) 1993

1. "Hatred At First Sight" (4:39)
2. "Near Death" (6:39)
3. "Remember Me" (5:27)
4. "Backwards" (5:02)
5. "Easier to Lie" (6:45)
6. "Alter Ego" (5:41)
7. "Kicked From Both Sides" (5:11)
8. "Greater Cause" (5:48)
9. "Forgive Us" (4:20)

WOW! How did I miss these guys all these years. I don't usually review CDR copies on my site, but this band is just to good to ignore. This is heavy, fist-pounding, head banging, speed metal/thrash at it's finest. The guitar work and riffs are fairly simplistic, but they are also very infectious. The solos shred, the bass is pounding and the drums are fierce as cannons. I mean, I just can't imagine any fan of heavy metal not finding something to like here. But wait, what of the vocals? Thankfully, the vocals are also a highlight here. Vocalist Rick Ritman has a high, smooth voice that reminds me of bands like Powermad and Toxik. Even the lyrics seem to be something worth checking out here with songs mostly of a political or social nature. It's a shame that by the time this CD came out that the thrash revolution was winding down and Vulture were never given a proper shot because they certainly deserve accolades. Now I just need to find a real copy of this CD to replace the crappy CDR copy I have.

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