Calles de Fuego Wild - Calles de Fuego (independent) 2009

1. Salvaje (3:55)
2. Nuevo Amanecer (3:21)
3. Calles de Fuego (4:04)
4. Heridas (4:08)
5. En el Nombre de Nadie (4:22)

Wild are a metal band from Madrid, Spain. From the cover art, done by Ed Repka (Megadeth, Evildead, Hyades, etc.), I had assumed that Wild might be a thrash metal band. However, I had assumed incorrectly. Rather, Wild are straight forward traditional heavy metal with a NMOWBH influence, as well as American bands like Metal Church and Armored Saint. This short EP showcases five tracks, all sung in Spanish. Being that I don't speak a word of Spanish, I have no idea what the band are singing about though I did manage to figure out that the title of the albums roughly translates "Streets of Fire". The first three tracks are upbeat metal numbers, all complete with high, clean vocals and competent guitar leads. "Heidas", translated "Wounds" is a mid-paced melodic number. The EP finishes off with the most dynamic track on the EP, a song that roughly translates "In the Name of Nobody". The track starts off with a clean guitar intro that gives the impression the song might be a ballad, but quickly builds into an energetic classic heavy metal romp. "Calles de Fuego" showcases a young band whose style is rooted in a classic style.

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