Voodoo Hill Absurd2 (Endtime Productions) 2004

1. Point Of Insanity (5:20)
2. In Hypnosis (3:28)
3. (4:08)

Absurd is a Norwegian band that is a side project of David Husvik (Extol), Christer Espovol (ex-Extol), Magnus Westgaard (Vardoger) and Ivan Nikolaisen (Silver). This CD is a three song EP that is nearly 13 minutes long. The style is a death-thrash hybrid delivered with a punk energy. The influence is clearly bands like Believer, Death and Cynic. Unfortunately with only three songs, this CD leaves me wanting for more with no promise of a new release in the foreseeable future.

The Absurd2 EP is packaed in bronze paper gatefold cover. Instead of a booklet there are 5 inserts.

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