Thrash outfit from Wisconsin formed in the mid-80's.

Corrupt Minds Acrophet - Corrupt Minds (Roadracer) 1988

1. Intro to Corruption" (:40)
2. Corrupt Minds" (2:03)
3. Slaves of Sin" (2:43)
4. From the Depths" (3:31)
5. Lifeless Image" (1:41)
6. Crowd Distress" (4:58)
7. Crime for Living" (3:48)
8. Holy Spirit" (3:01)
9. Living in Today" (2:38)
10. Ceremonial Slaughter" (2:44)
11. Warped Illusions" (2:13)
12. Forgotten Faith" (3:26)
13. Victims of the Holocaust" (:44)

Acrophet obviously grew up listening to the Bay Area thrashers and were highly influenced by the thrash scene of the early 80's, but don't expect recycled riffs from the garbage cans of Metallica and Testament here. Rather than focusing on mid-paced riffs, Acrophet go for full throttle speed. Acrophet actually have more in common with Nuclear Assault, than anything coming out of California. They mix tight, technical guitar riffing with an almost punk or hardcore attitude and delivery. Add to that bullet speed drumming combined with barked out vocals that match the pace and you have everything any thrash metal fan could want to do the thrash metal polka. Being a fan of this type of stuff myself, I was having a hard time doing the speed limited as I rocked this CD in my car. Perhaps a warning sticker would have been in order. Warning: Do not drive under the influence of Acrophet. Gotta love it!

The First Defiance Acrophet - Faded Glory (Roadracer) 1990

1. "When Time Stands Still" (2:38)
2. "Dependency" (3:15)
3. "Silent Insanity" (2:35)
4. "Legend Has It" (4:33)
5. "Dead All Day" (1:12)
6. "The American Zone 1990" (3:24)
7. "Independence At Its Finest" (4:23)
8. "Return to Me Life" (2:35)
9. "Innocent Blood" (2:24)
10. "Forever The Fall" (3:24)
11. "Haunting Once Again" (4:49)

The year is 1990. The label is Roadracer. So what type of metal do you suppose Acrouphet play? THRASH METAL! Of course that label doesn't completely describe the band because within any sub-genre of metal there are smaller sub-genres. Unlike label mates and touring friends Realm, Acruphet are a bit less melodic and have a slight hardcore or punk attitude to their music, not unlike some Nuclear Assault. Good stuff, especially for those like myself that can't get enough of those mosh riffs.

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