Adrenaline Kick

Massacre the Mainstream Adrenalin Kick - Massacre the Mainstream (Neat) 1997

1. Deadpool (4:22) 
2. Born Blind (3:59) 
3. The Chosen Few (5:13) 
4. Burnin' Down (6:00)
5. Future Visionary (4:07) 
6. Bring on Desire (4:50) 
7. Master Plan (4:57) 
8. Torn and Twisted (4:30) 
9. Put Trust in Me (5:04) 
10. Innocent Man (4:30) 
11. Runnin' Free (7:01)

Adrenalin Kick are a UK heavy metal band and "Massacre the Mainstream" is their second release. Released in 1997, this album came six years after their debut and apparently was their last. (Some web sites list them as going into a techno direction after this release, but I am not familiar enough with this band to know if that is the case or not.) "Massacre the Mainstream" is just straight-up, fist-pumpin' bar room heavy metal. Simplistic hooks, crunchy guitars and a gnarly attitude to go with it. This band definitely takes some cues from the early 80's NWOBHM scene and should appeal to fans of straight-forward UK bands such as Wolfsbane and Dirty Deeds. OK, so Adrenalin Kick band won't win any awards for the most original release or for the most technical band in the world, but who ever said that rock and roll had to be any of those things? Bottom line is, this is a rockin' release from a band doing their own thing during a time when this sort of straight-forward heavy metal was completely ignored by the mainstream. 

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