Adrenicide Adrenicide

Guilty As Charged Adrenicide - War Begs No Mercy (Slaney Records) 2010

1.      W.B.N.W. (:52)
2.      Is The Truth True? (4:28)
3.      Two Minute Warning (3:34)
4.      The Last Experiment (3:05)
5.      Planet Of The Dumb (4:50)
6.      Find A New Addiction (2:27)
7.      Zombie Nation (2:38)
8.      100 Years Of Radiation (2:57)
9.      No Toilets On A Battle Field (2:27)
10.     Cold God (3:58)
11.     Tortured And Broken (2:24)
12.     Answer My Question (:41)
13.     Mothers Die...Fathers Kill... (3:24)
14.     The Hunter (3:57)

Adrenicide are a British thrash band from Slough, England. Unfortunately being labeled "thrash metal" doesn't really do the band justice. Thrash metal covers the gamut from the more melodic Bay Area stuff, through the more aggressive German bands like Kreator and Sodom to the more punk infused bands like S.O.D. and Nuclear Assault. Adrenicide fall on the more punk-influenced side of the spectrum. Their crossover sound is heavily influences by the likes of D.R.I., Suicidal Tendencies, etc. The music is fast and furious with just plenty of raw aggression. The band doesn't really attempt to bring anything new to the table, but then again is there really anything new under the sun? Obviously Adrenicide aren't about innovation, but rather just playing the music that they love, and they obviously love crossover/thrash metal. Another observation about the band is that while they love what they do, they also don't take themselves too seriously. Their lyrics are of the corny-on-purpose variety. Sure, the usual political and war themes prevail, as might be expected from a thrash band, but the humor is infused as well. With song titles like "Zombie Nation", "No Toilets on a Battle Field" and "Planet of the Dumb", the humor obviously runs deep. On "Two Minute Warning" for instance, "two minute warning will lead us to the grave, two minute warning, note even time to shave, two minute warning and I can't find my sock, two minute warning and shit, I lost my clock! lost my socks! lost my socks! can't find my shoes!" To sum it up, what we have with Adrenicide is British, punk-infused, humor-riddled, obnoxious-on-purpose, beer-battered, denim & leather, thrash metal! Mosh!

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