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Special Edition Collectors Discs

Aerosmith - Pump
(Geffen) 1989
Leather Limited Edition CD

..   "Young Lust" (4:19)
2.   "F.I.N.E." (F**cked, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional) (4:08)
3.   "Going Down/Love in an Elevator" (5:38)
4.   "Monkey on My Back" (3:56)
5.   "Water Song/Janie's Got a Gun" (5:40)
6.   "Dulcimer Stomp/Other Side" (4:56)
7.   "My Girl" (3:10)
8.   "Don't Get Mad, Get Even" (4:48)
9.   "Hoodoo/Voodoo Medicine Man" (4:41)
10. "What It Takes" (6:28)

Strictly limited edition release. This is the special leather bound slipcase edition of 1989 album, "Pump", with genuine leather-bound cover, album title and Aerosmith logo embossed on the leather in violet. This limited edition was offered briefly in 1989, and completely vanished thereafter. Tracks are the same as the regular release. The original insert is included and glued into the digi-pack. The disc looks exactly like the regular version.

Pump Aerosmith - Pump (Geffen/Japan) 1989

1. "Young Lust" (4:19)
2. "F.I.N.E." (F**cked, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional) (4:08)
3. "Going Down/Love in an Elevator" (5:38)
4. "Monkey on My Back" (3:56)
5. "Water Song/Janie's Got a Gun" (5:40)
6. "Dulcimer Stomp/Other Side" (4:56)
7. "My Girl" (3:10)
8. "Don't Get Mad, Get Even" (4:48)
9. "Hoodoo/Voodoo Medicine Man" (4:41)
10. "What It Takes" (6:28)
11. "Ain't Enough" (5:02)

Japanese edition of "Pump" featuring the added bonus track "Ain't Enough". This is a foot stompin' rocker that was a b-side recorded during the "Pump" sessions. A good song indeed. I'm not sure why it wasn't included on the regular releases. The Japanese edition also comes with an extra insert with a long bio, written in Japanese, and lyrics in both Japanese and English. The tray insert spine is also written in Japanese. The cover is identical to the one released in the U.S. and Europe. Unfortunately the original OBI strip was not in the copy I obtained. (thanks Randy)

Anthology Aerosmith - Anthology (Castle Communications) 1989

1. Sweet Emotion" (4:36)
2. Walk This Way" [live] (3:50)
3. No More No More" (4:37)
4. You See Me Cryin" (5:13)
5. Bright Light Fright" (2:19)
6. Back In The Saddle" [live] (4:21)
7. Sick As A Dog" (4:18)
8. Critical Mass" (4:19)
9. The Hand That Feeds" (4:20)
10. Sight For Sore Eyes" (3:53)
11. Train Kept A Rollin'" (5:45)
12. S.O.S. (Too Bad)" (2:53)
13. Rock In A Hard Place" (4:40)
14. Jailbait" (4:39)
15. Lick And A Promise" (3:05)
16. Rats In The Cellar" (4:07)
17. Bone To Bone" (3:03)
18. Dream On" (4:24)

"Anthology" is a West German compilation of the early (Columbia Records) tracks that was released on the UK label Castle Communications (RAWCD037). This collection was released on double vinyl (RAWLP037). I have the CD version and am still in search of the vinyl version. The vinyl version contained four extra tracks: Toys In The Attic, Lord of The Thighs, Mother Popcorn (Live) and Push Comes To Shove. There is also a cassette version (RAWTC037) with the same additional tracks. It seems odd that the cassette and vinyl versions have more tracks than the CD version, but that seems to be the case.

This collection of mostly 1970s Aerosmith songs is an odd lot. It almost seems like whoever was putting this collection together just put the name of every Aerosmith song off every album from "Aerosmith" (1973) through "Rock in a Hard Place" (1982) into a hat and drew out the names. Whatever songs, in whatever order they came out were what went on the compilation. There are some great songs included here, including some that aren't usually heard such as "Critical Mass", "The Hand that Feed", "Rock in a Hard Place", "No More, No More", "You See Me Crying" and Joe Perry's punk-inspired "Bright Light Fright". All great songs, but not ones you would ever expect to see on a collection like this. Hits like "Same Old Song and Dance", "Last Child", "Draw the Line", "Lightning Strikes", and "Come Together" are left off completely, as well as fan favorites like "Get the Lead Out", "No Surprise", "Chip Away at the Stone". Because of this odd choice of songs, this compilation is actually a very enjoyable listen, especially for long time fans who have heard the "Greatest Hits" collections a thousand times over.

The live tracks included are all taken from "Live! Bootleg" (1978).

Get A Grip Get A Grip (cow Hide cover)
Aerosmith - Get A Grip (Geffen) 1993 cow fur digi-pack

1. "Intro" (:24)
2. "Eat the Rich" (4:10)
3. "Get A Grip" (3:58)
4. "Fever" (4:14)
5. "Livin' on the Edge" (6:07)
6. "Flesh" (5:56)
7. "Walk on Water" (3:38)
8. "Shut Up And Dance" (4:56)
9. "Cryin' (5:08)
10. "Gotta Love It" (5:58)
11. "Crazy" (5:17)
12. "Line Up" (5:17)
13. "Amazing" (5:56)
14. "Boogie Man" [instrumental] (2:15)

Special digi-version of the "Get A Grip" album covered in fake cow fur. Also, the actual CD is a picture disc, which is different than the regular version. For a full review, check the "Official Aerosmith Releases" page.

Get A Grip Aerosmith - Get A Grip (Geffen) 1993

1. "Intro" (:24)
2. "Eat the Rich" (4:10)
3. "Get A Grip" (3:58)
4. "Fever" (4:14)
5. "Livin' on the Edge" (6:07)
6. "Flesh" (5:56)
7. "Walk on Water" (3:38)
8. "Shut Up And Dance" (4:56)
9. "Cryin' (5:08)
10. "Gotta Love It" (5:58)
11. "Crazy" (5:17)
12. "Line Up" (5:17)
13. "Amazing" (5:56)
14. "Boogie Man" [instrumental] (2:15)

Japanese mini-LP version of "Get A Grip" complete with OBI, Japanese lyric sheet and inner picture sleeves. For a full review, check the "Official Aerosmith Releases" page.

Nine Lives European Aerosmith - Nine Lives (Columbia) 1997

1. "Nine Lives" (4:01)
2. "Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)" (3:25)
3. "Hole in My Soul" (6:10)
4. "Taste of India" (5:53)
5. "Full Circle" (5:00)
6. "Something's Gotta Give" (3:36)
7. "Ain't That a Bitch" (5:25)
8. "Farm" (4:27)
9. "Crash" (4:25)
10. "Kiss Your Past Good-Bye" (4:31)
11. "Pink" (3:55)
12. "Falling Off" (3:00)
13. "Attitude Adjustment" (3:44)
14. "Fallen Angels" (8:16)
15. "I Don't Want to Miss A Thing" (4:58)

European edition of "Nine Lives" that features two tracks not released on the original printing. "Falling Off", which is a hard rocker with Joe Perry behind the mic, and the band's chart topping, super sappy love ballad "I Don't Want to Miss A Thing". The artwork is essentially the same as the American repressings with the exception of the back insert photo of the band. Yet another essential Aero-collectors item for the Aerosmith die-hard. (For more info on "Nine Lives" check out my "Official Aerosmith Releases" page.)

Made in America - Aerosmith Aerosmith - Made in America (Columbia/Sony) 1997

1. "Back in the Saddle" (4:40)
2. "Toys in the Attic" (3:05)
3. "Seasons of Wither" (3:39)
4. "Walk This Way" (3:40)
5. "Chip Away At the Stone" (4:06)
6. "One Way Steet" -live (6:42)

A short little album that was suppose to only sell in WalMart locations in the US, but has shown up in other stores as well.. Probably a marketing idea by Sony to introduce all the younger fans, who may only know the newer albums not on Sony/Columbia, to the older material. To interest hard-core fans, they included a rare live performance of "One Way Street." recorded at Mama Kin Music Hall, Boston, MA, Dec. '94. Lists for $5.96 but I have seen it as low as $3.99. This will probably be a collector's item in a few years.

Aerosmith - Classics Live! Complete (Columbia) 1998

1. "Train Kept a Rollin'" (3:20)
2. "Kings & Queens" (4:46)
3. "Sweet Emotion" (5:14)
4. "Dream On" (4:50)
5. "Mama Kin" (3:41)
6. "Three Mile Smile/Reefer Head Woman" (4:54)
7. "Lord of the Thighs" (7:05)
8. "Major Barbra" [studio track] (4:03)
9. "Back in the Saddle" (4:38)
10. "Walk This Way" (4:22)
11. "Movin' Out" (5:44)
12. "Draw the Line" (4:47)
13. "Same Old Song & Dance" (5:45)
14. "Last Child" (3:43)
15. "Let the Music Do The Talking" (5:44)
16. "Toys in the Attic" (4:04)

This CD (COL 487351 2) was released in Europe in September of 1998 and contains Classics Live and Classics Live II on the same CD. Unlike the original red and blue covers, this cover is black. The CD itself is a picture disc with the frontcover printed on it. (In contrast to the other Columbia remastered discs with the red printing on the CD.) Inside the booklet are some copies of magazine reviews (as in all the remastered covers), band members (many of the same pictures from the original Classics Live releases) as well as all the credits from both albums. The inlay is a photo of collector's items like drum sticks, badges, hats, LPs etc. It's actually quite cool having all these songs on one disc. Unfortunately having "Major Barbara" in the middle of the disc sort of breaks up the overall live feel of the platter. I would have liked to have had this song moved to the end of the CD, but otherwise, a cool collector's disc. I tend to listen to this one more than either of the two originals. For more information on the Classics Live! disc, see the reviews for the official releases.

Arnageddon Soundtrack Armageddon - The Album (Columbia) 1998

1.   "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" (4:59)
3.   "What Kind of Love Are You On" (3:16)
7.   "Sweet Emotion" (5:10)
9.   "Come Together" (3:45)
14. "Animal Crackers" (2:36)

Not really an Aerosmith album, actually it is a movie soundtrack, but it does contain five Aerosmith songs (including "Animal Crackers," which I wouldn't really call a song). "What Kind of Love Are You On" is a grungy hard rock song with Steven's vocals digitally distorted. The song was co-written by Tyler, Perry and Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades (Damn Yankees). For a complete track listing see my list of Soundtracks.

Some other Soundtracks Aerosmith appear on that I own:
Last Action Hero, Less Than Zero Soundtrack, Wayne's World 2

South of Sanity patch digi-pack South of Sanity Aerosmith - Little South of Sanity (Columbia) 1998
(limited edition patch cover tri-fold digi-pack)
1.   "Intro/Eat the Rich" (5:15)
2.   "Love in an Elevator" (5:55)
3.   "Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)" (3:35)
4.   "Same Old Song and Dance" (5:57)
5.   "Hole in My Soul" (5:41)
6.   "Monkey on My Back" (4:09)
7.   "Livin' on the Edge" (5:24)
8.   "Cryin'" (5:11)
9.   "Rag Doll" (4:14)
10. "Angel" (5:36)
11.  "Janie's Got a Gun" (5:14)
12.  "Amazing" (5:23)
13.  "Back in the Saddle" (6:10)
14.  "Last Child" (5:05)
15.  "Other Side" (4:40)
16.  "Walk on Down" (3:41)
17.  "Dream On" (4:51)
18.  "Crazy" (5:45)
19.  "Mama Kin" (4:12)
20.  "Walk This Way" (4:12)
21.  "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" (4:22)
22.  "What It Takes" (5:15)
23.  "Sweet Emotion" (5:57)

Special digi-version of the Geffen live album. The cotton blue digi has the same embroidered Aerosmith wings as the gas station attendant on the front cover of the regular version. Other than the packaging, there isn't any difference between this version and the regular version. For a full review, check the "Official Aerosmith Releases" page.

Aerosmith - Classic Aerosmith: The Universal Masters Collection (Geffen) 2000

1. "Amazing" (5:58)
2. "Eat the Rich" (4:11)
3. "What It Takes" (5:14)
4. "Janie's Got a Gun" (5:34)
5. "Magic Touch" (4:37)
6. "Rag Doll" (4:22)
7. "Permanent Vacation" (4:50)
8. "The Movie" [instrumental] (4:02)
9. "Monkey on My Back" (3:59)
10. "My Girl" (3:12)
11. "Shame on You" (3:21)
12. "The Hop" (3:41)
13. "She's On Fire" (3:47)
14. "Darkness" (3:44)
15. "I'm Down" (2:19)
16. "Voodoo Medicine Man" (4:41)
17. "Shela" (4:25)
18. "My Fist Your Face " (4:23)

A European collection of Aerosmith tracks from their Geffen years. This is not a greatest hits collection from that era, however, as that disc was already released and called "Big Ones" I think what they did for this collection was to throw all the songs from "Done With Mirrors" through "Get A Grip" into a hat and just pick out songs and include them as they were picked, for there is no rhyme or reason to this compilation whatsoever. However, what I do like about this disc is that it includes some of the more obscure Aero-material from this era, including some of the better tracks from "Done With Mirrors." There are no rarities included here at all. The closest thing to a rare track is "Darkness", which was the cd bonus track on 'Done With Mirrors.'

Ultimate Collection Aerosmith - Ultimate Collection (UC) 2000

Toys in the Attic (1976)
1."Toys in the Attic" (3:06)
2."Uncle Salty" (4:10)
3."Adam's Apple" (4:34)
4."Walk this Way" (3:40)
5."Big Ten Inch Record" (2:14)
6."Sweet Emotion" (4:34)
7."No More, No More" (4:34)
8."Round and Round" (5:05)
9."You See Me Crying" (5:12)
Draw the Line (1978)
1."Draw the Line" (3:22)
2."I Wanna Know Why" (3:08)
3."Critical Mass" (4:50)
4."Get it Up" (4:01)
5."Bright Light Fright" (2:19)
6."Kings and Queens" (4:53)
7."The Hand that Feeds" (4:21)
8."Sight for Sore Eyes" (3:51)
9."Milk Cow Blues" (4:10)

An odd Russian CD featuring two of Aerosmith's most popular 1970's album. What's odd about it is that there is no UPC, no label information, nor any markings to identify this CD. All I know is that is was pressed in Russia. Cover features a promo photo of Aerosmith in 1993. On the inside there is a picture of each of the two albums and the release year. Other than that, no other information is given.

Best of...Japan Aerosmith - The Best Of Aerosmith (Superstar Collection) (Universal/Japan) 2001

1. "Amazing" (5:58)
2. "Eat the Rich" (4:11)
3. "What It Takes" (5:14)
4. "Janie's Got a Gun" (5:34)
5. "Magic Touch" (4:37)
6. "Rag Doll" (4:22)
7. "Permanent Vacation" (4:50)
8. "The Movie" [instrumental] (4:02)
9. "Monkey on My Back" (3:59)
10. "My Girl" (3:12)
11. "Shame on You" (3:21)
12. "The Hop" (3:41)
13. "She's On Fire" (3:47)
14. "Darkness" (3:44)
15. "I'm Down" (2:19)
16. "Voodoo Medicine Man" (4:41)
17. "Shela" (4:25)
18. "My Fist Your Face " (4:23)

Japanese exclusive compilation featuring the exact same 18 tracks as "Aerosmith Millennium Edition" and "Universal Masters Collection: Classic Aerosmith" and part of the Japanese budget line 'Superstar Collection''. Features tracks for the band's Geffen Records era albums.

Just Push Play Aerosmith - Just Push Play (Columbia/Japan) 2001

1. "Beyond Beautiful" (4:45)
2. "Just Push Play" (3:51)
3. "Jaded" (3:34)
4. "Fly Away From Here" (5:01)
5. "Trip Hoppin'" (4:27)
6. "Sunshine" (3:37)
7. "Under My Skin" (3:45)
8. "Luv Lies" (4:26)
9. "Outta Your Head" (3:22)
10. "Drop Dead Georgeous" (3:42)
11. "Light Inside" (3:34)
12. "Avant Garden" (4:53)
13. "Won't Let You Down" (3:02)
14. "I Don't Want to Miss A Thing" (4:58)

1. "Just Push Play" [Radio Remix] (3:17)
2. "Same Old Song & Dance" [live] (5:14)
3. "Draw the Line" [live] (4:32)
4. "Chip Away At the Stone" [live] (4:24)
5. "Big Ten Inch Record" [live] (3:59)
6. "Lord of the Thighs" [live] (7:14)

Now this is a killer Aerosmith collector's disc. The Japanese 2 disc version of "Just Push Play" is wrapped in a deluxe digi-pak and contains three booklets. The track listing for disc one is slightly different than the American version. "Won't Let You Down" was released in Europe as a b-side on the "Jaded" pre-release single. In the U.S. it has never been released. Also included is "I Don't Want to Miss A Thing" which was also included on some import versions of "Nine Lives." The US bonus track, "Fac,e" was not included on this disc. The version of Just Push Play is also the uncensored version (F***in-A is never mixed out).

Disc Two contains a meaty remix of the title track. I personally prefer this version to the original. "Same Old Song & Dance", "Chip Away At the Stone" and "Draw the Line" were recorded live at the 1978 California Jam 2. These three tracks were originally released on the California Jam compilation record, that has yet to be officially released on CD. "Big Ten Inch Record" and "Lord of the Thighs" were recorded live at the 1978 Texxas Jam. Also includes 20-page color booklet with photos, set list, tour schedule and discography. (Thank you SSgt Sanford)

For a full review, check the "Official Aerosmith Releases" page.

Aerosmith - Honkin' On Bobo (Columbia) 2004

1. "Road Runner" (3:46)
2. "Shame, Shame, Shame" (2:15)
3. "Eyesight to the Blind" (3:10)
4. "Baby, Please Don't Go" (3:24)
5. "Never Loved a Girl" (3:12)
6. "Back Back Train" (4:24)
7. "You Gotta Move" (5:30)
8. "The Grind" (3:47)
9. "I'm Ready" (4:15)
10. "Temperature" (2:52)
11. "Stop Messin' Around" (4:32)
12. "Jesus Is on the Main Line" (2:50)

Pretty much the exact same release as the regular version of "Honkin' on Bobo" except the CD is wrapped in the box (pictured above) and comes with a little, metal harmonica keychain. Not quite as nice as the special editions released by Geffen. For a full review of "Honkin' on Bobo" see the "Official Aerosmith Releases" page.

Steel Box Collection Aerosmith - Greatest Hits - Steel Box Collection (Sony/BMG) 2008

1.   Rats in the Cellar (4:06)
2.   Lick and a Promise (3:05)
3.   Chip Away the Stone (4:01)
4.   No Surprize (4:26)
5.   Mama Kin (4:27)
6.   Adam's Apple (4:34)
7.   Nobody's Fault" (4:38)
8.   Round and Round (4:52)
9.   Critical Mass (5:03)
10. Lord of the Thighs (4:14)
11. Jailbait (4:39)
12. Train Kept a Rollin' (5:41)

An international budget-line repacking of an Aerosmith "hits" collection. Though this collection is called "Greatest Hits", this collection is actually a repackaging of the 1988 collection titled "Gems". The title is a bit misleading as this collection doesn't really contain any "hits", save for perhaps "Train Kept A Rollin'", which is a FM rock radio regular. Rather, this is a collection of some of the more rockin' Aerosmith material from the 70's and one track from the early 80's title "Jailbait". It's odd that they chose "Jailbait" rather than "Lightning Strikes" as it was a bigger hit than "Jailbait" ever was and is also a heavy rockin' song. The packaging is basically a sticker on a metal box, a CD and a generic 4 panel insert advertising other "Steel Box Collection" albums.

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