Thrash metal band from Chicago, IL, USA. (Not to be confused with Aftermath from Arizona.)

Silver Step Child Aftermath - Eyes Of Tomorrow (Thermometer) 1994

1. "Words That Echo Fear" (6:10)
2. "Eyes Of Tomorrow" (3:47)
3. "Being" (4:26)
4. "Experience" (8:22)
5. "Afraid Of Time" (3:39)
6. "Reflecting Pictures" (5:43)
7. "Change Of Mood" (7:42)
8. "The Act Of Unspoken Wisdom" (4:09)
9. "Whisper Of A Dream" (6:14)
10. "Proud Reflex" (5:09)
11. "Snuff" (1:00)

Being a huge thrash fan I can't understand how it is I missed these guys for all these years. Chicago's Aftermath play technical, progressive thrash metal. Aftermath would hold their own with bands like Anacrusis, Believer and Mekong Delta. Honestly, this is one of those albums that is hard to get into at first. Not unlike your first taste of beer, the first sip is often bitter, but then you begin to discover that you like it with each additional sip. Same holds true for this gem. The musicianship is superb as well and the vocals are aggressive, albeit not growled or angry shouts like most of the modern metalcore bands. The music is pretty unique in that I can't pinpoint one specific band that Aftermath sounds like. There are plenty of those mosh beats to keep the thrashers happy but then there are also a ton of riffs and tempos within each song. There are even some parts that I can only describe as jazz influences. It's too bad this band didn't have a little more exposure or that this release didn't come out a few years earlier because those are the only reasons I can think of that this album was far more popular in metal circles.

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