Aldo Nova

Voyages Aldo Nova (Epic/Legacy) 1982

1. Fantasy (5:03)
2. Hot Love (3:54)
3. It's Too Late (3:23)
4. Ball and Chain (4:02)
5. Heart to Heart (3:42)
6. Foolin' Yourself (3:35)
7. Under the Gun (3:47)
8. You're My Love (3:34)
9. Can't Stop Lovin' You (3:57)
10. See the Light (4:00)
11. Foolin' Yourself [alternative version] (4:08)

Aldo Nova is a Canadian guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist. He initially gained fame with this, his self-titled debut album on the strength of the first single, "Fantasy". At the beginning of the 1980's rock and roll was changing. Many bands that had been around for a while were searching for an identity. Some bands chased after a radio-friendly hard rock sound driven by hooky anthems and tear-jerking power ballads. Aldo Nova's debut falls right into this sound. "Fantasy" was that perfect rocking anthem. It has the riffs and the hooks, as well as the slick production quality of the time. The song can still be heard on rock radio stations some thirty years later. "Foolin' Yourself" was a minor hit off the debut as well. "Heart to Heart", "Under the Gun" and "See the Light" are upbeat melodic rock 'n' rollers driven by hooky guitar riffs and synth/keys. Of course there are also the ballads, such as the super-sappy"Ball and Chain" and the slightly bluesy (and better) "You're My Love". Though he's not given credit, Aldo Nova was slightly ahead of his time as bands like Survivor, Night Ranger, Bon Jovi and Def Leppard would have huge success with this same formula in the months and years to follow.

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