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Alice Cooper - Slack Alice Live in Toronto 1969 (Yeaah)

1. "Ain't That Just Like a Woman" (3:50)
2. "Painting A Picture" (2:09)
3. "An Instrumental" (2:32)
4. "I've Written Home To Mother" (1:22)
5. "Freak Out" (6:42)
6. "Goin' To The River" (3:23)
7. "Nobody Likes Me" (3:18)
8. "Science Fiction" (2:19)

It's amazing just how many times this live show has been released. This is now my third copy with yet another title. Have to say, however, that this is the best one yet. The sound is improved with a bit of mastering. The packaging is much nicer than any others I have seen. The 8 page booklet includes photos of the early Alice Cooper band and a good write up of this show along with those early, formative years of Alice Cooper band. According to the notes this show was recorded at the Rock'n'Revival show at the University of Toronto's Varsity Stadium on September, 13 1969. Once again, as with the other two discs I own, the track listing is jumbled around although I have no idea what the correct order is.

Live in Toronto Alice Cooper-Live in Toronto (KRB)

1. "Painting A Picture" (2:03)
2. "I've Written Home to Mother/Science Fiction" (6:43)
3. "Goin' to the River" (2:08)
4. "Freak Out Song" (3:38)
5. "Ain't that Just Like a Woman" (2:35)
6. "A. Cooper Instrumental-Medley" (4:42)
7. "Nobody Likes Me" (3:18)

Not sure if this is a bootleg or an official release, but it's basically a recording of an early Alice show (1969?) when the band was more into the psychadelic stuff than the heavy shock rock stuff they would soon become known for. The sound quality is of bootleg qualtity. "Goin' to the River" and "Ain't that Just Like a Woman" sound like studio tracks and are obviously not recorded from the same place & time as the rest of the material. Also, as seems to be the norm for bootlegs, the track listing is all messed up on the back of the disc and the cover photo is obviously not from the same time period as this boot was recorded.

Alice Cooper - Snorting Anthrax (Dressed To Kill) 1999

1. "Freak Out " (3:50)
2. "Painting A Picture" (2:09)
3. "I've Written Home To Mother" (1:22)
4. "Science Fiction" (6:42)
5. "For Alice" (3:23)
6. "Nobody Likes Me" (3:18)
7. "Goin' To The River" (2:19)
8. "Ain't That Just Like a Woman" (2:32)

Yet another bootleg take off of "Freak Out," the infamous 1969 Toronto show. This particular show has been released under more titles than I can even remember. "Snorting Anthrax" has slightly better packaging than most. Of course with bootlegs, there is the 'genius in packaging' rule that takes place. In 1969 Alice was not yet wearing his infamous makeup.

Goes To Hell Alice Cooper-Go to Hell/Live in San Diego , CA 1990 (Metal Mess)

1. "Welcome To My Nightmare" (5:08)
2. "Years Ago/No More Mr. Nice Guy" [medley] (3:46)
3. "Billion Dollar Babies" (2:58)
4. "I'm Eighteen" (4:22)
5. "Under My Wheels" (3:20)
6. "I Never Cry" (2:51)
7. "Devil's Food/Black Widow" (5:52)
8. "You And Me" (2:17)
9. "Only Women Bleed" (6:06)
10. "Go To Hell" (4:21)
11. "How You Gonna See Me Now" (4:15)
12. "School's Out" (2:57)

Despite the title, from the sources I checked, most of the material on this album was recorded between '75 & '78 and is taken from various shows. The disc itself was released in 1993. The music contained herein is all stellar material. The sound quality is excellent. Some of the material on this disc is even better than the officially released live disc "The Alice Cooper Show."

Live USA Alice Cooper - Live USA (Imtrat/imt 900.021)

1. "Under My Wheels" (2:15)
2. "Billion Dollar Babies" (3:27)
3. "I'm Eighteen" (3:49)
4. "Is It My Body" (7:09)
5. "You and Me" (2:15)
6. "Only Women Bleed" (6:01)
7. "Unfinished Suite" (4:40)
8. "Escape" (2:57)
9. "I Love the Dead/Go to Hell" [medley] (6:37)
10. "I Never Cry" (2:54)
11. "It's Hot Tonight" (3:05)
12. "School's Out" (9:59)
13. "Second Coming" (10:23)

Where this disc was actually recorded is a mystery. According to the liner notes, most of the material was recorded live in Saginaw, MI October 9, 1978. The remaining material, according to the notes, was recorded somewhere in the U.S. in 1969-70. Of course everyone knows how reliable liner notes are on bootlegs. On this one, however, at least they got the track listing and even the times correct. Overall, despite slightly fluctuating sound quality from song to song this is a very listenable bootleg. Gotta love that cheesy cover art.

Alice Cooper - The Last Temptation special edition (Epic) 1994

1. "Sideshow" (6:40)
2. "Nothing's Free" (5:01)
3. "Lost in America" (3:54)
4. "Bad Place Alone" (5:05)
5. "You're My Temptation" (5:10)
6. "Prayer" (5:37)
7. "Unholy War" (4:11)
8. "Lullaby" (4:28)
9. "It's Me" (4:40)
10. "Cleansed by Fire" (6:13)

Special edition printing of "The Last Temptation" that came with the first Alice Cooper "Last Temptation" comic book as well. For a full review, check out the Official Alice Cooper CD Collection.

DragonTown Alice Cooper - Brutal Planet European Tour Edition (Eagle) 2001

1. "Brutal Planet" (4:40)
2. "Wicked Young Man" (3:50)
3. "Sanctuary" (4:00)
4. "Blow Me A Kiss" (3:19)
5. "Eat Some More" (4:37)
6. "Pick Up The Bones" (5:14)
7. "Pessi-mystic" (4:57)
8. "Gimme" (4:46)
9. "It's the Little Things" (4:12)
10. "Take It Like A Woman" (4:13)
11. "Cold Machines" (4:14)
1. "It's the Little Things" [live] (5:19)
2. "Wicked Young Man" [live] (3:32)
3. "Poison" [live] (4:51)
4. "My Generation" [live] (1:32)
5. "Total Rock Rockumentary" [interview] (35:48)
6. "It's the Little Things" [video] (4:11)

A limited edition, numbered (No. 02605) European Tour CD that includes an bonus disc of live material, an extensive biographical interview with Alice and a video for "It's the Little Things" that is playable on a PC (or Mac). Of course it is the live material and the interview that I was most interested in, as well as the collectability of this disc. I was very curious to hear Alice cover The Who's "My Generation" as well. The cover art is exactly the same as the regular release, but this special edition comes wrapped in a slip cover. This disc was a Christmas gift from a friend in Germany. (Thanks Olaf)

DragonTown DragonTown Alice Cooper - DragonTown Special Edition (Spitfire) 2002

1. "Triggerman" (3:59)
2. "Deeper" (4:35)
3. "Dragontown" (5:05)
4. "Sex Death & Money" (3:37)
5. "Somewhere In The Jungle" (4:06)
6. "Disgraceland" (5:21)
7. "I Just Wanna Be God" (3:32)
8. "Bella Donna" (4:34)
9. "Every Woman Has A Name" (3:43)
10. "Fantasy Man" (3:52)
11. "It's Much Too Late" (4:38)
12. "Sentinel" (3:53)
1. "Clowns Will Eat Me" (4:10)
2. "Go To Hell" [live] (3:48)
3. "Ballad of Dwight Fry" [live] (4:27)
4. "Brutal Planet [remix] (5:28)
5. "Gimme" [video] (4:00)
6. "It's the Little Things" [video] (4:12)

A special edition of "Dragontown" that comes wrapped up in a white and foil embossed slip case. The extra disc has four songs, a out take from the "Dragontown" cd, two excellent live tracks, and extended remix version of Brutal Planet. There is also two excellent videos from "Brutal Planet.". I personally enjoyed the ending to "Gimme". If you haven't seen the video, I don't want to ruin it for you, however, I laughed out loud. It's well worth seeing. For a review of "DragonTown," see the Official Alice Cooper CD Collection.

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