Face to Face Angel City - Face To Face (Epic) 1979

1.  Take A Long Line (3:00)
2.  Marseilles (4:50)
3.  After The Rain (3:12)
4.  Am I Ever Gonna See You (3:40)
5.  Shadow Boxer (2:45)
6.  Comin' Down (3:20)
7.  Out Of The Blue (3:18)
8.  Can't Shake It (4:49)
9.  Waiting For The World (3:14)
10. No Exit (6:44)

Angel City (or The Angels in Australia) were a band out of Australia whose sound can be described as "pub rock". Imagine walking into a rock and roll pub in 1979 and hearing a band that blends the tough rock 'n' roll riffs of AC/DC with the infectious hooks and melody of early The Cars and delivered with punk ethic. That is exactly what you would get if Angel City were the band on that stage. "Face to Face" is chock full of hard rock from beginning to end with enough hooks to bring in a whale! Songs like Shadow Boxer" and "Can't Shake It" have undeniable hooky, sing-along choruses. (Great White recorded a cover of "Can't Shake It" on their "Hooked" album.) Doc Neeson's vocals transitioning from a smooth, clean singing style to an out-and-out scream when needed. 

This particular release is actually a compilation of the first 3 Australian albums, which were on Albert Records. (Just like AC/DC's US debut was a compilation of some of their early Albert releases.)

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