Stress Anonymus - Stress (Disques MPV) 1997

1.    Sous Pression (3:30)
2.    Un Poing C'est Tout (3:22)           
3.    Questo E'l Destin (3:35)           
4.    La Vérité Choc (4:13)           
5.    This Life (3:34)           
6.    Ad Vitam Aeternam (3:05)           
7.    Un Pied Dans La Tombe (3:09)           
8.    Sans Dessein (2:58)           
9.    Maquinas (3:23)           
10.    Casse-Tête (3:54)           
11.    F.L.Y. (3:16)           
12.    In Extremis (7:22)

Anonymus is a Quebec thrash metal band formed in 1989 who despite having been around for three decades now, have somehow managed to slip by my attention until now. "Stress" is the band's 1997 album and proves that real metal and thrash didn't disappear in the musically depressed 1990's, it just moved up to Quebec. This is old school thrash; machine gun riffs, screaming guitar leads, and a bombastic rhythm section. Surprisingly the recordings sounds fairly organic, unlike a lot of mid-to-late 90's thrash and metal bands who have very sterile, digital sounding recordings. All lyrics are sung in French, which means I cannot understand a word of it. Not really a big deal, as the riffs and songs are perfectly fist-pumping and head-banging, regardless of what the band might be singing about.

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