Endless Skies Ashbury - Endless Skies (Rockadrome) 1983/2007

1. The Warning (3:59)
2. Take Your Love Away (3:49)
3. Twilight [instrumental] (1:46)
4. Vengeance (4:04)
5. Madman (5:46)
6. Hard Fight (4:20)
7. No Mourning (2:44)
8. Mystery Man (5:30)
9. Endless Skies (7:36)

Easily one of my favorite discoveries of 2016 was this independent album by Texas progressive rock band Ashbury. The album was recorded in the early 80's and released in 1983 but the sound is straight out of the early 1970's. The music combines the prog-iness of Jethro Tull, the Southern feel of Allmann Brothers, the guitar work of Wishbone Ash and even some heavier moments, such as the guitar heavy "Vengeance".

The main men behind this band are brothers Randy Davis (guitars/bass) and Rob Davis (guitars/vocals). Rob's smooth vocal delivery reminds me of Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull at times. The lead guitar work is inspired throughout, but especially on the instrumental "Twilight" and the Southern rock inspired "Mystery Train". Asbury use a blend of both acoustic guitars and electric guitars throughout the album, which gives the songs depth and dimension. These guys might have been a decade behind in their sound but it's interesting to note that many bands in the 2000's have been trying to reproduce that sound. It's a shame these guys didn't reach a wider audience as this album is very, very good.

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