Doom metal band formed by Seventh Angel guitarist Ian Arkley.

Sleepless Remorse Ashen Mortality (Forsaken) 1996

1. "Yesterday's Gone" (10:38)
2. "Faded Tapestry" (5:57)
3. "Seperation" (7:09)
4. "Sleepless Remorse" (13:16)
5. "Cast the First Stone" (5:33)
6. "The Darkest of Nights" (8:11)
7. "Imprisoned" (6:54)

Rooted somewhere between doom metal and death metal, Ian Arkley's new band lays down some of the most beautiful, yet dark, foreboding music I have heard in a while. The male vocals are really the only death element. The female vocals are clean, operatic, and haunting. The two voices mixed together over the heavily downtuned doomy guitars works incredibly well. They are some keyboards that add some melody to the music as well. Being a big fan of Seventh Angel, I must say that this album was disappointment at first, but it was only a matter of time before it grew on me.

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