American power metal!

Avenger Aska - Avenger (EMA) 2000

1. "Crown of Thorns" (5:22)
2. "Leather" (5:18)
3. "Escape Victorious" (5:03)
4. "Angel of War" (4:21)
5. "Prelude to Darkness" (1:43)
6. "Eternal Night" (3:55)
7. "Imperial Rome" (6:07)
8. "Against the Gods" (7:07)
9. "Lethal Injection" (3:33)
10. "Valkyries" (4:57)
11. "Warriors Return" [instrumental] (2:56)

This disc was a surprise. It came in the mail with some promo material. I didn't order it, apparently it was sent for review. Well, I love suprises, especially when they are as heavy, tight, and outstanding as Aska. "Avenger" is their fourth disc, according to the discography inside the extensive 20 page cd booklet. Well, I can honestly say that trends have not affected this band's sound as they are 100% pure heavy metal. In several of the photos the band can be seen wearing Kiss and Saxon shirts, giving me a clue that their roots are in the same bands that mine are. What else can I say, Aska are awesome! Everything, right down to the cover art, is top rate.

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