The Upcoming Terror Assassin - The Upcoming Terror (Axe Killer) 1986

1. "Forbidden Reality" (5:32)
2. "Nemesis" (3:51)
3. "Fight (To Stop The Tyranny)" (2:29)
4. "The Last Man" (6:55)
5. "Assassin" (5:56)
6. "Holy Terror" (4:57)
7. "Bullets" (4:13)
8. "Speed Of Light" (2:52)

Germany was a mecca of thrash in the 1980's. Assassin are one of the lesser known German thrash bands to come out of the 80's. "The Upcoming Terror" is a noisy, chaotic, thrash album that borders on post death metal, not unlike Possessed or even early releases from German bands like Sodom and Destruction. Much like those bands, the vocals are raw and spit out in rapid fire delivery. One of the trademarks of classic thrash is that slight punk attitude, which is certainly present here.

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