Atominated - World Without Flesh (Slaney) 2013

1. Atomination (3:24)
2. My New Face (2:04)
3. Contagion (3:41)
4. Hook Torn Flesh (3:42)

Ireland's Slaney Records has been releasing album after album of quality thrash metal of bands from around the globe. With Atominated the label only needed look in their backyard. Irish thrash metal mongers Atominated (originally known as Akraga) released their first EP "World Without Flesh". Musically Atominated are punk-infused thrash metal along the lines of Suicidal Tendencies and Cryptic Slaughter. Each and every song is a slap-you-across-the-face, aggressive, mosh-pit of musical fury. The guitars are crunchy, the riffs aggressive, the tempos fast and driving, the guitar leads loud and pummeling and the songs with packed with shout-along hooks. Vocalist Eoin Clake spits out the lyrics in rapid-fire succession with his punk rock shout. The production isn't perfect, but then again, who would expect a raw, energetic band of this nature to have pristine production? The raw production only adds to the overall vibe of this album. The only complaint would be the brevity of this EP. Here's hoping for a full-length next time around. 

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