Bathory - Blood Fire Death (Kraze) 1988

1. Odens Ride Over Nordland (3:00)
2. A Fine Day to Die (8:36)
3. The Golden Walls of Heaven (5:22)
4. Pace 'till Death (3:40)
5. Holocaust (3:25)
6. For All Those Who Died (4:57)
7. Dies Irae (5:12)
8. Blood Fire Death (10:30)
9. [outro] (0:59)

Bathory are a Swedish heavy metal band formed in Vällingby in 1983 and named after the infamous Hungarian countess, Elizabeth Báthory. Along with Venom, Bathory must be considered one of the greatest influences on virtually every black metal band. The band helped pioneer the raw, gutteral death/black metal style that is now the black metal standard. The grim vocals and the harsh recording are the standards for black metal for the past couple decades. "Blood Fire Death" is the band's fourth studio album and was the first to give an indication of the Viking metal style they would soon adopt. However, "Blood Fire Death" is mostly a harsh, thrash influenced dark album sitting on a wall between blackened thrash metal and Venom-style heavy metal. Quorthon's vocals I've read described as "gargling with razor blades", which is indeed a pretty good description. Raw, nasty and almost inhuman, he laid the blueprint that hordes of black metal bands to follow. Lyrical themes lean towards the Viking stories though there are still some occult/Satan lyrics peppered in as well. 

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