Blackeyed Susan

Electric Rattlebone Blackeyed Susan-Electric Rattlebone (Mercury) 1991

1. "Electric Rattlebone" [instrumental] (:49)
2. "Satisfaction" (4:02)
3. "None of It Matters" (6:21)
4. "Sympathy" (5:04)
5. "Ride With Me" (5:11)
6. "Old Lady Snow " (3:46)
7. "Don't Bring Me Down" (4:47)
8. "Indica" (1:56)
9. "She's So Fine" (5:17)
10. "How Long" (5:06)
11. "Best of Friend" (5:06)
12. "Holiday" (4:08)
13. "Heart of the City" (5:40)

Sounds like Britny Fox, looks kinda like Britny Fox. It must be Britny Fox. No, but it is the band of former Britny Fox vocalist Dizzy Dean Davidson. From what I remember, Dizzy was 'let go' from his former band as many reviews said he was the band's weakness. Hmmmm...from the strength of this bluesy, commercial metal affair, I'd say that wasn't the case at all. As a matter of fact, it was his vocals that gave B.F. their charisma and charm. So, 'Electric Rattlebone' is every bit as enjoyable as the first two Britny Fox albums. Any fan of those discs, or Cinderella stlye 80's metal should dig this disc too. I know I am.

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