Black Oak Arkansas

High on the Hog Black Oak Arkansas - High on the Hog (Rhino) 1973

1. "Swimmin' in Quicksand" (3:20)
2. "Back to the Land" (2:25)
3. "Movin'" (3:13)
4. "Happy Hooker" (5:27)
5. "Red Hot Lovin'" (2:45)
6. "Jim Dandy" (2:38)
7. "Moonshine Sonata" [instrumental] (5:25)
8. "Why Shouldn't I Smile" (2:21)
9. "High 'N' Dry" (2:25)
10. "Mad Man" (3:50)

A pure nostalgia kick here for me. This is one of those albums I was into growing up. We thought the Jimmy "Dandy" Mangrum was the man back in the day. He was the David Lee Roth of the early 70's. "High on the Hog" is probably Black Oak's most well known album due in large to part to its hit cover of the LaVern Baker r&b classic "Jim Dandy." "Go Jim Dandy, Go Jim Dandy." While many would label these guys as Southern Rock, I tend to steer away from that label as it tends to bring thoughts of Molly Hatchet and Lyrnyrd Skynyrd of which neither sound like Black Oak Arkansas. "High on the Hog" is rowdy, brash, rousing, boogie-infused, redneck rock 'n roll. However, the band did successfully mix hard rock and country music, some songs swinging closer to rock, others more on the country side. "Back To The Land", for instance, is pure country. "Moonshine Sonata" on the other hand is a blues based, rock 'n roll jam. Overall, just a fun record. Must also make mention that drummer Tommy Aldridge went on to join Pat Travers and then later performed with Ozzy Osbourne.

Not that this has anything to do with this record, but Jackyl reminds me a bit of Black Oak. They are almost the 80's heavy metal version of Black Oak Arkansas with Jesse James Dupree being the consumate Jim Dandy.

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