Blind Fury

Out To Reach Blind Fury - Out of Reach (Majestic Rock) 1985

1. "Do it Loud" (5:05)
2. "Out of Reach" (6:32)
3. "Evil Eyes" (6:02)
4. "Contact Rock and Roll" (3:56)
5. "Living on the Edge" (5:22)
6. "Dynamo (There is A Place)" (3:05)
7. "Black Inside" (5:30)
8. "Dance of the Crimson Lady Part" (7:28)

From what I have read, Blind Fury was originally suppose to be a collaboration between guitarist Kevin Heybourne (Angel Witch) and vocalist Lou Taylor, but by the time their debut was finally recorded and released, the band was essentially Satan with Lou Taylor singing. Musically the band is very similar to Satan, carrying over the traditional British metal sound of the early 1980's, not unlike the first Def Leppard album or even early Samson. This album showes a more melodic side of the band than either Satan or Pariah, the speed metal/thrash band that Blind Fury became after their demise. This was due mostly to the vocals than anything else, as Taylor has a smooth voice that actually works quite well with the music. It's a shame that this was the band's one and only CD as this is equally as good as many other bands from the same metal movement. I can only imagine what they might have sounded like had they stuck together, although I suppose Pariah might be the result.

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