Blue Tears Blue Tears (MCA) 1990

1.      Rockin' With the Radio (4:23)
2.      Crush (4:11)
3.      Blue Tears (5:18)
4.      Take This Heart (4:26)
5.      Halfway to Heaven (3:56)
6.      Innocent Kiss (3:23)
7.      Racing With the Moon (3:29)
8.      Kiss Me Goodbye (4:44)
9.      True Romance (5:03)
10.     Thunder in the Night (5:01)

Imagine it's 1988 and you and your poofy haired buddies are sitting around drinking cheap beer and talking about how you can score some chicks. Suddenly Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" comes on the radio and BINGO, you have a brilliant idea. "Dudes! Let's form a band and write an album of songs that sounds exactly like Def Leppard's big pop single." Of course, most guys would wake up the next morning, laugh it off and chalk it all up to too much beer. That is not the case with Blue Tears. They made this dream a reality.

Blue Tear's 1990 self-titled album is ten tracks of 1980's pop rock, sitting somewhere between Bon Jovi's "Slippery When Wet" and Def Leppard's "Hysteria". The album is an 80's technological nightmare with digital drums, processed guitars, an abundance of keyboards, and those big, layered vocals that are saturated in chorus and other studio effects. If that isn't enough to scare off most fans of real rock 'n' roll and heavy metal, there are also the obligatory ballads. "Halfway to Heaven" is one of the most generic ballads I have ever heard. The song features background music that sounds like one of those programmed beats you can get on a $15 Casio keyboard from Kmart. However, vocalist Greg Fulkerson sings his heart out about a broken heart from a relationship gone bad. But wait, if that's not enough for you, check out some of the sweet, sweet lyrics. "We're rockin' with the radio-oh-oh-woa-oh-oh-oh, rock, rock, rockin' with the radio" from "Rockin' with the Radio". Hey, if Autograph could have a hit with it, why not Blue Tears? "Lost in the crush, a reckless emotion saved by the power of love, caught in the rush of tears, like an ocean, lost in the crush of love" from "Crush" and my personal favorite "It started with an innocent kiss, a boy and a girl on a hot summer night, ended with a lie, kiss your heart goodbye, woa-oh-yea!" from "Innocent Kiss". Yes, even the lyrics are "Pour Some Sugar On Me" regurgitated. Yes, this piffle was tailor made for late 80's pop radio. If "Rockin' With the Radio" and "Innocent Kiss" would have been released a year or two earlier, every pop rock radio station across the globe would have been playing them and strippers would be using their songs for poll dances.

A quick check over at HeavyHarmonies has people gushing about this record, with several people saying it's their top 10 favorite rock albums of all time. Another quick check of reveals eleven gushing reviews with five 5-star reviews. Well, millions of people also love "Pour Some Sugar On Me" as well, and that song makes me wanna puke. Nothing "rocks" about this album whatsoever. Though it is politically incorrect, that song and most of what is on Blue Tears self-titled album is about as gay as rock and roll gets. Obviously, however, many, many people disagree with me.

Lead singer Greg Fulkerson went on to produce one of Michael Sweet's solo albums. He passed away on April 14, 2009

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